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  1. Yes, this is the better route imo (any remote data can be spoofed too, it is only remote validation that ~can't). I would serialise the "days" that have been redeemed against the prizes that were redeemed. A quick review of the data could reveal any inconsistencies and a punishment / reset can be issued if detected. All this being said ... if the player chooses to muck around with their clock to boost their game stats ... maybe let them and post their "hack" on YouTube ... enjoy the referrals and return to designing compelling game mechanics that reward play / skill!
  2. Ok?!? I understand this is a perfect example of why the OP is uncertain whether making a complex game in HTML5 is even possible. "Space Jumper" may be complex to @geralsoft and there's no shame in that, but by modern standards this is not a complex game. This is a gamejam scope game - a week or less by a single pro dev? It is not representative of the multi-team feature-rich examples provided by the OP or of the upper-tier potential that web games can deliver in 2020.
  3. Unity exports to a WebAssembly and WebGL output, no "plugin" needed. But that's not to say it's ideal for web, especially not mobile web (search up Unity "Tiny" instead) Possible yes ... but consider this first ... Motion Twins' "Dead Cells" is authored with Heaps, a Haxe based game framework (which has Javascript WebGL output options). Also Motion Twins' catalog before this title was predominantly web games so they clearly have web capabilities. Therefore ... it's reasonable to conclude there's no all-blocking "technical" reason why there isn't a browser version, but there are likely many commercial or user-experience reasons why such a game isn't being published on web (yet). Same issues would likely apply / hinder any other similarly scoped game intended for web, irrespective of authoring tools? Conclusion, as always, is ** understand the audience ** ... on what platform do they want their game (big, complex, small, tiny) to be on. Or ... make web games that absolutely require, embrace and leverage the "web".
  4. I don't recommend anyone set out to make money from games. Instead I propose generating something else of value from games, e.g. insights, influence, expression, loyalty. Money will be attracted to anything exceptional. @plicatibu Your post is a good description of those indie-web-game-niche-monetization-possible-paths and you've methodically and enthusiastically listed lots of detail. Thank you for your contributions.
  5. That was true many years ago, but not any longer. Standart HTML5 output from Unity is effectively a WebAssembly blob that runs in all modern browsers, and it's possible to hook it into other Javascript (in or out) quickly enough. It has it's advantages and drawbacks. The new tooling, aka Tiny, is using ECS approaches to modularise things to an atomic level - and is very smart if you are impressed by such things. But the takeaway is there's really no current reason to think that the output from Unity can't be as efficient (or more so) as something like Phaser given some of the techniques it now employs. It's just that most developers aren't especially efficient in using the tools available As for the other points I think there's big risk in explaining "all the ways to make money" because most will result in high hopes, reality crunch, and loss. Why? Because it's easier than ever to make a game, so it's harder than ever to make a dollar from that game. Instead move creative thinking to value generation: find a problem, fix it, get paid, repeat.
  6. If you are asking this question then you are probably planning to make a game first, then hope to find an audience / monetisation second. If so use whatever tool you like - it really won't make much difference to the financial outcome but will make a huge difference to your enjoyment and productivity in the meanwhile. Be mindful that Unity is proprietary, it is offered as a service, there is no entitlement to it. Therefore Godot might be worth a direct comparison for similar tooling.
  7. Also I'd recommend any game intended for FB IG is specially designed for that particular audience and that particular SDK - i.e. play to the strengths of the platform, or don't play at all. So think about social competition, social messaging, social calls to action, bot interactions, tradeables - make all design decisions inherently multiplayer, asynchronous and viral - think of the game as an unfolding "conversation" (or tic tac toe on roids). Such a design is likely not going to work off-platform because there is no (easy) social graph to bind such a "conversation" together. Better yet is to find multiple platforms where the same social paradigms apply, then spread the risk (as being entirely reliant on any single proprietary platform isn't smart business). Therefore some abstraction in the implementation is wisest and can, theoretically, achieve the goal of spreading the game around the "internet".
  8. I still regularly find answers to issues I face today based on answers posted here years ago. Not sure I can say the same for Discord? Despite the recent drop-off I doubt this forum will close soon - the Pixi subforum remains superbly supported and the rest of the site is still good PR for Photonstorm and valuable for HTML5 game devs finding historic answers. I understand why BabylonJS benefitted longer-term by moving, but by equal analysis Phaser moving was probably less beneficial (given their audience and game-centric goals)? Let's all remember to make this forum what we want it to be - post design and tech questions, releases, post-mortems, searches for talent, offers of services - be original, bold and provoke great responses!
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    Font usage

    You may be interested in a permissive alternative that is extremely close in its implementation to the 1957 Helvetica: https://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/tex-gyre-heros
  10. Laggy and unplayable for me. I played via the GD link (Chrome desktop), took a long time to load (stalled at 50% for a while) then framerate was about 3 fps. Audio stutters, total jammer, unable to play. I run an ad blocker (like many people) and I see a bunch of "Failed to load resource" in the console. I re-ran with ad blocker disabled ... urrgh, NOT ONE BUT TWO full length ads that were irrelevant to me (wasted 2 minutes of my life and made you ZERO money). Please never front load a game with an advert, it's disrespectful to players - especially so when asking for feedback. Anyway, no change - same stuttering and jarring issues. More private testing needed.
  11. Nicely made, but I found it frustrating to play - many levels felt impossible, and those that weren't seemed to favour luck over skill? Sorry for the negative review - perhaps some level redesign can add more fun and salvage what is an otherwise well put-together game? Good luck.
  12. Right, the option to "Edit" is not available on posts beyond a certain age (3 months?). I'd conclude that's an admin choice?
  13. Testing edit (works ok for me). Is it just older posts?
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    Mildly apologetic thread bump. Happy holidays
  15. Do: VAS (aka Value Added Services). Don't: in-game-ads (aka dyscalculia).