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  1. I've been using Haxe professionally since 2008 - it's typically my preference, I'm a little biased? Even if using Phaser or Unity I'd still use Haxe. To ask whether games coded in Haxe work smoothly may reveal a misunderstanding of what Haxe is. Haxe is a language and transcompiler, it targets many platforms and embraces many libraries - it can be used in a multitude of different ways. I especially like Haxe's macro functionality which can set it apart from other transcompilers (e.g. Typescript). In ~2010-~2015 Haxe had a semi-unique proposition for people moving away from Flash (in particular a library called NME and then OpenFL which provides a substitute Flash API for Haxe's none-SWF targets). But the Haxe landscape was and is so much more than that with many dedicated games frameworks ... just as a modern web-game is so much more than a port of a retro Flash-game. I don't apologise for not providing a more specific guide on how to make a game with Haxe. How someone chooses to use Haxe is down to them (it really is a broad purpose platform so must be unopinionated).
  2. There are many mobile-web friendly gamedev alternatives to Phaser. If you're comfortable with Phaser and it ticks your boxes then embrace it. But like you say, Phaser 2 vs Phaser 3, then whether to use Typescript or not, then which web bundler, etc ...
  3. b10b

    Superbike Hero

    If iOS Safari is set to "request desktop version" the user agent string changes from "iPad|iPhone|iPod" to "Mac OS" ... the game then reacts as if it's being played on a desktop (defaulting to keyboard and mouse controls). I'd say that's expected behaviour. For sure, the touch-drag for iOS may feel like it should be an analog control allowing a gradual left or right ... whereas it's only a simple 3-state with off, left or right (like a keyboard or a d-pad). I prefer tap-left / tap-right like you suggested, but TBH we'd kept it as-was because the other games we did were drag and nobody else raised it as a concern. I think for future games we'll likely ditch tilt and drag, and put simple on-screen buttons? Shame because tilt is a lot of fun for racing!
  4. b10b

    Superbike Hero

    Yes, tilt is a pain these days ... keeps changing requirements (a few years ago it worked almost consistently). Currently DeviceMotion needs https, and an extra permission dialog for iOS, and the screen will turn off if not touched for X seconds. Enough excuses yet SUPER BIKE HERO always listen to touch (hold and drag / virtual joystick) and also supports cursors, wasd, mouse (so tilt is just a bonus).
  5. Yes using the (unobvious to me) double-jump after hitting the spring allows the player to navigate the fatal hole. Maybe reconsider this and introduce either: 1) double-jump, 2) springs, 3) fatal holes ... one at a time instead of all at once? Mario "style" would be to introduce a single new mechanic in an optional way first, then to grab a bonus, and finally as mandatory / survival. I liked the graphics and sound.
  6. Level 4 was impossible for me ... ? Tried jumping on the spring, walking on the spring, avoiding the spring ... all came up short of the next platform. Maybe a delta time issue?
  7. Feeling the need-for-speed we just released our new racing game "SUPERBIKE HERO" - a retro psuedo-3D racing game inspired by SEGA's "Super Hang-On" (and all the classics that followed it!). 4MB of fun. Play for free in your browser (no adverts): https://b10b.com/superbikehero "Compete across Europe and the Middle East as you race in the Superbike Series. Boost between opponents, hang-on around tight corners, collect coins and upgrade your superbike for the next race. Are you the Superbike Hero?" Technical: Like our other indie titles, this game was developed with Haxe + awe6 + CreateJS and designed to run on any device at ~30fps - which can be a challenge when dealing with pseudo-3D (no WebGL here, just lots of sprites!). SUPERBIKE HERO is based on our GRAND PRIX HERO / STOCK CAR HERO engine, and concludes the trilogy with a few new touches (mostly involving banking). The game uses tilt-to-steer on supporting mobile devices - which seems to be an ever-changing list of OSs and devices, so your mileage may vary? Commercial: SUPERBIKE HERO is available to license (on a non-exclusive basis) from our website: https://b10b.com
  8. Sorry if I was unclear, I was reacting to this. I find it odd to separate desktop/tablet/chromebooks vs mobile browsers. Instead I'd look at the lowest common denominator platform (which is web, specifically mobile-web). My understanding of the K-12 educational market (North America) is that tablets and chromebooks are now prevalent and becoming more-so, therefore web applications (vs native) are gaining most onboarding and traction? So in summary, I would deploy to web-stack purely based on audience habit (and nothing to do with technological or gamesdev preferences). But a thorough business plan would be more useful than my ramblings
  9. Phaser is not really a Unity equivalent (framework vs full featured game development platform) - so comparing apples with oranges may be misleading? For the @ncm123 use case, I'd say go with Unity. Reads like OP is semi-convinced already - and it's unlikely to be a terrible choice as Unity (and mobile devices) evolve so fast that issues of today will unlikely be the same issue tomorrow? Unity's less than optimal mobile-web complications can be bypassed by providing the games as "apps" via Unity iOS and Android builds (as I assume is currently the case?). If the priority had been mobile-web, my answer would be different - I would suggest a web stack. For school deployed educational resources perhaps it is unwise to under prioritise mobile-web and Chromebooks?
  10. Canvas and JS, no extra lib needed imo (for the goal as defined). Various ways to do the floodfill either using the Context2d API or abstracting the grid to something higher level. That said, I expect the grid and layout has a purpose beyond what is explained here? That purpose should be considered for a more considered answer ... probably unlikely to be disappointed with selecting Pixi.
  11. We just finished POP-POP KITTIES, a kawaii styled bubble-shooter. The game is made with HTML5 and runs in the browser on mobile or desktop. https://b10b.com/poppopkitties/ Gameplay: Play a cute puzzle as you pop-pop all the kitties using strategy and reflexes! With 100+ challenging puzzles and adorable kitties this kawaii Match-3 Puzzle Shooter game will charm players for hours. Can you collect all the stars? Technical: Based on our earlier game (POP-POP CANDIES) this version is also made with Haxe + awe6 + CreateJS and designed to run on any device at ~30fps. Many of the assets originated from royalty free sources and most level designs came from a level pack designed for Frozen Bubble, so big thanks to contributors there. The levels (and star ratings) were sorted based on completion time of sample plays - so they should feel progressively harder. Commercial: We made POP-POP KITTIES as a followup to POP-POP CANDIES because (despite its unoriginality!?!) it was well received, played in the millions, with average play sessions beyond 45 minutes - it's the kind of game that once you start it's hard to stop! This game is available to play or license from our website: https://b10b.com
  12. Unless you are dealing with the licensor (or an agent of the licensor) then such a store would likely be in breach of licensor rights (different rules in different territories). So "buying" such an item may be a falsehood, risking penalty and service interruption. Avoid this unless their is clear evidence the license owner is granting a permission to share downstream - it is your responsibility to check things sold are as described. Beyond this, certainly the volume of games featuring recognisable IP (e.g. Marvel, Disney, Nintendo) is greater than the "official" line up. Some are fan games, some are exploitation, but some are properly licensed. It is uncertain whether the corresponding brand managers fully know which are official or not, given time moves forwards and the turn-over of product and personnel is ever growing. Many would simply say, unless it's on their website or app store channel, it's not legitimate. Enforcement remains a challenge - takedown notices require compliance, so ... as is always the case ... only the honest follow the rules / business is a game of trust and value creation.
  13. Great, I really liked it and played to completion (34/34)? Quirky, raw and fun - everything made it's own sort of sense, without making me feel patronised or abandoned. I liked the "save state as a string" too.
  14. Every time I check FBIG I see many of our games. Thousands of plays, hundreds of thousands of ad-impressions. Cool ... right?! However, we never posted them there? They are ALL Intellectual Property and Licensing infringements. We receive $0. So we submit a takedown notice, on a per-app basis, and in fairness to FB the game usually goes soon after. It's a slow and tedious process, designed to "check-the-box". I expect the perpetrator receives no income from their dodgy deed, and they are likely inconvenienced with a suspended account? But, next day, same deal - new user, new thumbnail, new game name, new app id - still our same IP being violated. There is no apparent progress by FB to improve the situation, refine the review process, take responsibility and clear up their publishing mistakes? This might be defensible if Facebook wasn't making money from these circumstances, or if the same content wasn't being re-published and "takedown"ed on multiple occasions. Derivative and plagiaristic heuristics exist (as is seen if a video with non-licensed music is posted to Facebook) - it would be trivial to run a source code pattern match against previously submitted takedowns, and flag those in need of scrutiny. Such a routine might even improve the signal-to-noise-ratio on the plaform (and improve user-experience and eCPM for legit games)? For anyone else impacted by similar issues the direct reporting link is: https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/634636770043106?helpref=faq_content You'll need to be a member of Facebook to report Facebook's "violation or infringement of your rights".
  15. To nod at what you already discovered ... a Context is a mysterious thing (likely subject to ever changing compliances around personal settings, permissions, territories, and privacy?). The Promises returned by FB IG SDK are another layer of mystery, often yielding more false-positives and false-negatives than true anythings. One solution is to check the contents of the response, avoiding expectations as to what it may be (or pondering why it isn't). And be prepared for it to change.