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  1. This story gets even sadder. We just received a lawyer threat from a self-important game studio because one of our (stolen) games is published on Facebook Instant Games (not by us) and altered (not by us) to include aforementioned studio's precious trademark and logo (some minor game title that we'd literally never heard of outside of a descriptive term for a road surface).
  2. Server authoritative, excellent. On the engagement aspect, one bit of advice would be to have a more dynamic title. "Puzzle Astronauts" might describe the game from one perspective but doesn't emote much to a potential player? Whereas things like "Astro Escape" or "Moon Masters" combined with a little extra narrative and jeopardy can go a long way to create curiosity, intrigue and the big retention booster ... will they make it to the end?!!? Just ideas. I'm generally lazy with narrative and this is something I'm aware of.
  3. I played the game for a few levels and liked it. I hope the prize gets you some early traction - it's an interesting incentive method to overcome that early discoverability riddle! I can't offer a better suggestion right now, but I felt you might be susceptable to a quick cheat or someone (validly) claiming it within the first hour (and then it not providing much incentive beyond that). Good luck, let us know how things unfolded.
  4. As a primer and insight into the not-always-obvious I'd recommend a read of @Antriel multiplayer platformer devlog:
  5. I ended up using a similar approach to create "Billboard" sprites - setting their Affine to POINT and then scaling them manually per-update based on getDepth(). Sqrt2/2 was somewhere in the mix iirc. Also the value of getDepth can be used to z-cull (POINT will not cull otherwise, with something behind the camera showing in front). Still felt a bit hacky, but got the job done. I was unsure whether one of the existing Affine modes did this already, but didn't have any luck with them.
  6. Undoubtedly @ivan.popelyshev shader approach is going to be fastest - if performance is everything, or realtime transitions are needed, you gotta dig into custom shaders and his example is a great place to start. Whereas ... if you are ok with another "fast enough" approach (that's easy to understand, implement, and extend) ... use the same Sprite method as explained for Circles. Swap the Circle Bitmap texture to a Rectangular white fill texture. Then adjust the X scale for length, Y scale for linewidth, move the anchor to (0,.5), then move and rotate the Sprite based on start and end point (Math.atan for angle). In my quick test this is faster than the Circle test. So 50,000 circles + 30,000 lines in under 200ms on desktop. Then cache! Edit: for reference, these are the "kludgey" approaches we used when drawing lines with Flash before the draw API was introduced in "Flash MX" (pre 2004). So ... in 2020 learn shaders XD
  7. Many ways, here's one ... Draw a single big white circle (2048x2048) into a RenderTexture (or use a Bitmap asset if preferred). Then use that Texture for each new Circle (as a Sprite) ... x 50,000. Add them to a Container, then Position, Scale, and Tint the 50k Sprites accordingly. Cache the container to save redrawing it every update (e.g. cacheAsBitmap). On my quick test I was able to draw 50,000 Circles between 0...1024 pixels radius, randomly tinted and positioned in approx 120ms (on Desktop). Once cached fps returned to 60fps. Other methods may be faster again, but this approach is likely "fast enough", while being easy to implement, understand, and extend?
  8. Is it worth it? Probably not XD. But if you're happy to collect a few dollars a day from a simple game then Web will be a more probable proposition than App Store. When I said "resurgence" I meant a relative increase in trust of web applications (rather than needing to install or use through a proprietary layer). You may or may not have had direct experience in web applications prior to 2008 for comparison?
  9. Yes, it's beautiful, smart, effortless digital design ... it looks so cool because the designer has an eye for awesome and a talent for visual story-telling. You might do better coming at it from the other direction? For example first describe what you see on screen (e.g. cloud textures, scaled by distance, rotated and offset by sine wave, alpha by distance, masked with meta balls revealing nebulae textures underneath, using similar scaling technique to clouds, combined with filter to add distortion effect to edge of mask) ... then go about building it upwards piece by piece, bringing more detail to each observation. Good news is you already know it's possible!
  10. Interesting ... is there any reported downside to this? For example, should we all just do this by default, regardless of whether we've personally encountered performance issues or not?
  11. That is certainly my experience - performance is often split into a fixed-component and a marginal-component that scales with complexity. Or, we should consider that an "idle" Pixi application isn't actually idle. I would also question whether there is something up with your rig to cause the minimum application to create an observable performance burden? But by running the complex test and making a comparison you may be able to separate these speculations?
  12. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Consignment Why no logos or out links during Consignment? Are you being transparent to your clients about the source of the games offered? How would a license transfer work if not acting as a sub-licensor or connecting licensee directly with licensor? How do you ensure that the supplier of games has the rights to those games? Have you completed such deals before and, if so, how did these marketplace issues not arise? Thanks!
  13. Perhaps run similar tests on a complex project and compare the difference to the simple project. The performance cost / benefit may become apparent (in comparison to alternatives) the more you add to the plate?
  14. Iirc Ludei's CocoonJS died a year or so back? PhoneGap / Cordova / Ionic all come from the same base and "wrap" a web-application into a mobile-application. They provide native extensions (e.g. camera, filesystem) to create what's called a "hybrid app". It's good-enough for many things, and provide a strong solution for primarily web-oriented applications (including some games). That said, if you are new to making games, have no legacy towards Javascript and are committed to iOS then ... maybe just use the Apple Developer toolset (or adopt Unity or similar full-featured GDK) ... build native directly? But first challenge the assumptions that are leading towards an iOS focus. Is your audience really there, and will they pay for your app? In 2020 web is experiencing a resurgence while walled-garden-app-stores are experiencing anti-trust suits and user-attrition. Discoverability and Monetization are challenging on all platforms, there is no magical fix ... so why not embrace the free and wonderful world wide web?
  15. ... within a Pixi application. Yes, "models" (and materials) is likely the key differentiator over pixi-projection (from an adoption perspective). It's easy for me to identify projects that take a 2D concept (what I meant by "pixi-centric") and extend into the pseudo-third-dimension. For that pixi-projection is a wonderful fit: same asset pipeline and skillset, effectively a decoration. Whereas it's trickier for me to identify a production scope project that uses models and materials (or not inherently "pixi-centric") while not benefitting from the wider features that come with ThreeJS (or BabylonJS etc)? So although bridging the two (PixiJS->ThreeJS) can be awkward, it's probably less of a pain than needing to reinvent all the 3D features needed for a full-on 3D game? Thanks again, it is an impressive plugin. I am genuinely evaluating Pixi3D for adoption and collaboration so am sharing my thoughts by way of initial feedback and debate.