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    b10b got a reaction from Dr Popet in Simple Pinball   
    @Dr Popet good stuff, thanks for sharing your game
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    b10b reacted to Indra in Kheljs - a framework based on Babylonjs to create browser based game quickly and easily   
    Thanks for the input. I will put a link to the source code repo in doc pages ( it is in bitbucket)  and also will mention the licensing which is MIT.
    - Indra
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    b10b got a reaction from Zygomatic in yikes, Softgames has now been acquired by Azerion (aka Spil, Game Distribution, Keygames etc.)   
    Oof.  I guess they have to spend the money gamedevs and investors have freely handed them (and reduce competition simultaneously)?
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    b10b got a reaction from 128p in yikes, Softgames has now been acquired by Azerion (aka Spil, Game Distribution, Keygames etc.)   
    Oof.  I guess they have to spend the money gamedevs and investors have freely handed them (and reduce competition simultaneously)?
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    b10b got a reaction from Frivmax in The future of online browser games   
    Perhaps the "end" of Flash will be similar to the "end" of Silverlight or Shockwave?  For example, we can still install the last plugins / players if desired, they may not work especially well, or provide much modern-day utility, but for the committed die-hard it's never the "end".  And there's always offline / exe / app wrapping for content providers to continue to share their content independent of browsers.
    Perhaps, if consumer demand warrants it, then a simpler, "HTML5 way", of playing SWF content in modern browsers may emerge (although likely won't solve many inherent usability problems).
    Perhaps, it'll really be the End, and nobody will mention Flash again, they will never seek to run a SWF or view a massive part of internet legacy.  Blip, gone, erased.
    But however it plays out in 2020 and beyond the time to place commercial bets on such things was 10 years ago ... anyone with content that is predominantly SWF today has been napping.
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    b10b got a reaction from Timofii in Wrong sprite.y displaying   
    Yep ... think of it as "reading a page" rather than "flying a plane" then it'll make a bit more sense until it becomes automatic.
    Why is Y down?  iirc it's to do with gravity, and how on early raster displays there are no lines, just a gradual droop of the ray with a period return of the X, and a period return of the Y as a multiple of the X period.
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    b10b reacted to ivan.popelyshev in Wrong sprite.y displaying   
    > i increment sprite.y coordinate
    > the sprite moves to bottom,
    in which environment/framework/whatever you coded graphics applications before?  I have a surprise for you: in most of 2d apps,  Y is going doooooown.
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    b10b reacted to serhiic in How can I convert a Microsoft OpenType font to bitmap?   
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    b10b got a reaction from flatliner in Question: PixieJS or Phaser.io?   
    I doubt there will be a holy war - neither are bad choices for making web games, but one is not a game engine so a direct comparison might be on shaky ground?
    From my understanding:
    Pixi is proven for putting things on screen in a mostly unopinionated way (library).  Phaser is proven for making Phasery style games in a Phasery style way (framework). Pixi is first in class (not many alternatives for rendering 2D graphics fast to browser).  Phaser has stiff competition (many alternatives for HTML5 game engines). Pixi will need developer expertise to make a technically good game with (graphics alone do not make a game).  Phaser will require developer competence to make a technically good game with (game loop, physics, audio, etc are bundled systems). Crucially - both play well with Haxe or Typescript and both have strong documentation and adoption. I'd remark that both are likely beyond the reach of today's gamedev beginners (i.e. nocoders).  I anticipate Phaser may lose market share, as it serves a niche between amateurs (who prefer integrated GDK) and pros (who prefer to invent).  Pixi adoption may also struggle as expectation increasingly shifts towards 3D by default.  I understand both can be bent to whatever shape necessary, but doing the bending is rarely a beginner task.
    Enjoy whichever works for you, or explore many of the other alternative HTML5 game engines - including making your own.
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    b10b got a reaction from DoonDook in Suggest a name for our game!   
    "Best Case Scenario"
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    b10b got a reaction from Saqirm in [Netcodes] [2D-Server-Client] [PIXIJS] Network fast paced game - need better direction   
    If I understand correctly the player is effectively being viewed in a predicted future - so when an unexpected interaction from the past catches up with them it is jarring because it proves the recent predictions wrong.
    The goal is to smooth this out to the extent it is no longer distractingly observable.
    This article explains some approaches better than I would manage here:
    The takeaway is to embrace a default 100ms lag.  Compensate the Players' inputs (rewind time to when the input was most likely made) rather than rely on extrapolating a future.  Ideally transition the state rather than interpolate data.
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    b10b reacted to cuca in Map world size question   
    Hi, don't take anything in this message as written in stone. I never used Phaser, all I'm going to say is based on previous experiences I had.
    1. Using engines or not, usually there's no standard for this, given that in games with big worlds there will be lots of implementations to process just what's near the place, reduce quality for far elements (in 3d mostly, with level of detail), for instance.
    2. Definitely not. You could, if you want, but it's not as a "you should/must". Be free to make your world as giant as you want.
    3. I'd suggest reading and learning more about map chunks and the quadtree data structure. In short, the first can be used to load only the chunk your character is currently is plus some around them to prevent a "blank" map visible to the player. Quadtree could be used to stop processing instances that are far/remove its collisions and so.
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    b10b got a reaction from Lochan7000 in Experience with game distribution portals [2021]   
    Welcome to HTML5 game development.  Here's the elephant in the room ... generic interstitial in-game-ads are worthless.  $1 eCPM roughly means "if 1,000 players play my game I might get to share $1 with my publisher 60 days later".  Does that sound viable even before we reduce it by factoring in odds of non-payment, cost of collection, ruining the player experience etc?  Or, does any story of a positive experience suddenly make it a compelling proposition?
    My general advice to newcomers is "make games for fun", and develop your own audience while doing so.  First make a small game collection that players like (e.g. ten thousand plays a day and growing) then seek premium publishing channels (they might even seek you).  Else the few dollars you might make in the meanwhile from distribution portals likely isn't sufficient to sustain development costs nor warrant diverting attention from making games.
    That being said there are non-revenue reasons to publish some games on distribution portals (e.g. audience testing, catalog showcase, relationship building).
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    b10b reacted to Charles Augeard in I'm trying to make an oldschool WebGL engine,   
    For the moment i've juste generated a terrain chunk:
    Next step is trying export a mesh from blender.
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    b10b reacted to LizzieS in Summer Sports Collection   
    The skater game is very addictive, I liked the color scheme and the fairly simple character controls. For those who recently live in Texas, https://cashloansnearby.com/texas/mckinney/ will help you choose payday loans 
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    b10b got a reaction from LoudSilence in Scaling game server on node.js   
    @LoudSilence hey, these are interesting (and specialist) questions - you may do best finding someone who is already hosting similar and asking them directly?
    For what it's worth these are some things I learned when building similar for a client:
    Yes, Nginx as a proxy for NodeJS is a win-win Using PM2 to manage multiple NodeJS apps is also a win - and check out the multiple instances mode if going multi-core Weigh up multi-core vs multi-server - within a virtual environment I'd always favor the latter (8 lite servers rather than a single 8-core server gives more redundancy for the same performance and price) Load balancer SSL termination is likely going to be beneficial, sticky session management also (yes Nginx can be used in this role, or your host platform may offer a front end to similar "product") Consider not "ticking" the server game loop, investigate a functional reactive approach that can absorb any delta (time and inputs) Each "room" need not have a dedicated thread (as long as it's not choking the CPU, which it must never do) Consider some auto-scaling provisioning environments to manage overall traffic and spin up new servers ahead of needed (containers, docker etc will help for this) - although not on day one! This is opinionated - but I rarely see the need for (remote) Redis if there's another (remote) DB already in the mix - pick one.  For local memory a good NodeJS data structure is just fine imo. Don't code with JS   Mastery of all represents years, so pick off the low hanging fruit.  Don't over engineer a solution upfront - get something demonstrable and fix problems "just in time" - scale with audience: alpha, closed beta, beta, release etc.
    Alternatively, do none of the above.  Find a SAS that specializes in similar and adopt their stack and payment plans, then alter your game concept to fit.  For example https://www.colyseus.io/arena ?  I'm sure there are others?
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    b10b reacted to Megabyte in Winter Sports Collection   
    Surfer is amazing game. Good job.
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    b10b got a reaction from 128p in Discoverability & Monetization   
    I like this creative and indirect strategy.  Unlike in-game-ads it adds value to the play experience rather than interfering with it - while also creating additional discovery channels.  It plays to one of the web's strengths - i.e. it's a good thing to explore outside the walled-garden rather than bounce around within it.
    Perhaps an extension is to provide standardised tools within games that allow players (or AI) to create such supporting content more easily (or automatically)?  Commerically I can imagine multi-level commission systems built on the back of such tools that yield returns for content-creator, developer, publisher, ad-network, advertiser etc.
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    b10b reacted to othila9 in Nerik The Slug game (PWA)   
    Nerik has gone to panic-buy some lettuce. But alas! He has become trapped at the checkout, and must make a last desperate attempt to honor social distancing rules.
    Direct game link here: https://neriktheslug.com

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    b10b reacted to Doyban in Partnership for an upcoming 5G ready Mobile Games Kickstarter campaign   
    Hey, thanks for your response. Yes, looks like we should be more specific. You're right. 
    These numbers might look quite low for you, that's okay. Once again, you're right.
    There were many Kickstarter campaign completely without anything during the launch, and we've some technical integrations in place as well as numbers how easier in comparison to Android/iOS is to monetise Instant Games. Of course, it's still difficult. Gaming in general is a difficult market.
    We've started this as a hobby project, and with the Messenger Instant Games we've noticed HTML5 games can exists. If you'd look what's happening in the gaming industry, it's difficult to find *really* successful commercially HTML5 games. These are much less successful than from Unity/Unreal Engine/C# environment. With the Instant Games we've noticed it can be the only chance for the HTML5 standard.
    Knock Knock gave us confidence, that it *might* be something noteworthy. Of course, $4M-$6M is quite small round, and it was already 1.5 years ago. If they're about 10, then for CA it's basically enough for 2-2.5 years. Have seen only one of their games, with 12k DAU, and it's definitely not profitable for them.
    We're definitely gonna to try, everything can happen on Kickstarter. Especially, if you're introducing something new.
    It'd be great to advertise the HTML5 community a little bit, because as stated - it's kind of behind the competitive technologies. That's why the post here  
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    b10b reacted to brawlflower in Syncing audio to animation   
    quick update- I made a little timing tester and found that after following some of the advice in this thread there still seems to be about 80ms of lag, with that number still being pretty inconsistent (sometimes after refreshing the lag would go up with I think the largest being around 300ms).
    Some of the things I was able to figure out after experimenting with it:
    - I am definitely using the pixi sound library, and it does appear that webaudio is available in the browser I've been testing in
    - the context.audioContext.currentTime is globally available from the PIXI.sound.Sound object, though it doesn't look like it starts at 0 when the song starts playing, so I'm not totally sure what this signifies and I haven't been able to find documentation on it unfortunately
    Unfortunately I didn't keep track of every variation that I tried, but this is my current approach:
    const songInstance = resources.song.sound; songInstance.play(); let millisecond = 0; app.ticker.add(() => { if (songInstance.isPlaying) { millisecond += app.ticker.elapsedMS; handleHits(millisecond, pressedKeys, chart); track.y -= app.ticker.elapsedMS; } }); I'm not happy with this solution yet, but it's still hard for me to tell where exactly the desync is being introduced, and it's honestly likely there are other factors influencing it. I'm going to take some time really diving into this for a while, but I'll definitely report back with what I learn.
    Thanks for getting me in the right direction everyone!
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    b10b got a reaction from Creator of Territorial.io in How to create a Europe map programmatically/dynamically?   
    While playing the game (ok I admit I'm a little hooked now) I had another idea.  It looks like the maps are seed generated chaos, with a half dozen having been hand selected, named, and set as presets?
    If so I assume an ~infinite number of potential maps already exist within the system.  Amongst them is "Europe" - waiting to be discovered.
    So train the routine to recognise how close to Europe each random seed is, e.g. giving a score based on pixel matches to the reference image.  Then let it run on loop for a week, and turn over a few quadrillion tries.  Keep a record of the top 100 scoring maps.  Manually review them at the end of the week and select a winner.  Use that seed as "Europe".  Total additional filesize: a few bytes.  Why not look for other famous maps at the same time - e.g. The World, Westeros, etc ...
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    b10b reacted to mansimas in Where to release??   
    Yes. You are right. So i was considering again and i think that one of the best audience floats in Kongregate/ArmorGames - they are gamers looking for new games and want to play instant games.  
    Checked ArmorGames homepage and i see that in the last 40 days only 16 new games appeared and all they are on the front page.
    So, my game would stay there for 40 days. All these new games have 15-70k plays. So its possible to get like ~20k registrations in the first month. And that would be enough for a full server. Not too much, not too few. 
    I have wrote a letter to ArmorGames, trying to reduce their cut of 50% to anything like 30-40 like in Kongregate. With ArmorGames i won't need to spend anything for marketing. They didn't answer yet, so i'm not yet guaranteed my game will be released there. So i'm still looking for other options. But i think i will start only with 1 option for the first year.
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    b10b reacted to qdrj in Papa Cherry Saga - match-3 game   
    Hey everyone,
    My latest game Papa Cherry Saga was released just yesterday on GameDistribution - https://gamedistribution.com/games/papa-cherry-saga
    It is a classic match-3 game, think of Candy Crush, with a variety of gameplay elements - chocolate blocks, marshmallows, licorice, candy bottles, bomb cakes, donuts, apple platters, biscuits, and gingerbread man.
    Right now, there are 100 levels but I intend to add more if the game will perform well.
    If you have any feedback or questions regarding the game - please let me know.

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    b10b reacted to k12gamer in Rally Car Hero   
    Very good...Reminds me of Outrun...
    I like how you can upgrade your car.
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