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  1. https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/1705831?hl
  2. Who has recently had experience in launching/distributing html5 games on China gameportals? Are there some services like gamedistribution? About 7 years ago, for example, on sites 4399 and 7k7k you could make good money.
  3. adgard


    My attempt to add something new to mahjong connect games: https://poki.com/en/g/madzoong
  4. My new variation of sokoban with slimes and shooting. Made with Phaser 3. https://www.crazygames.com/game/slimoban-2
  5. Hi, It is a simple but quite original puzzle game. Game ready for non exlusive licences, youtube video http://bestphysics.com/monster/ Thx, Sergiy.
  6. Hi, This is a simple puzzle game with original gameplay where the monsters eat candy Ready for sitelocking or other type of licensing. Game is also available on flash, android , etc gameplay on youtube link on game Thx, Sergiy.
  7. For flash developers haxe is greate choice, probably. For example flamber has a great step by step tutorial.
  8. Used webstorm, visual studio and flashdevelop. So my opinion is webstorm.
  9. I tried js and type script and I did not like it. Now I am using Haxe +openfl + nape and this combination I like a lot more)
  10. adgard


    Hi there. I almost 5 years created flash games, perhaps it is time for something new.
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