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  1. Christian verses Flying Spaghetti Monster - HTML 5 Games, WebSockets, and AI http://highlevellogic.blogspot.se/2013/09/christian-verses-flying-spaghetti.html Free WebSocket JavaScript Code and Tutorialhttp://highlevellogic.blogspot.se/2013/09/free-websocket-javascript-code-and.html
  2. (Following the suggested format++.) Summary: Bootstrapping WebSocket technology for games. About me and my technology: I'm a software engineer and have developed a framework for distributed systems (such as multiplayer games) and a WebSocket server. I'm almost imagining that every game developer in the world knows that WebSockets are by now, even if you haven't used them; but there's a short description at the bottom of this note(*) in case you haven't. I was one of the first in the world to have created a standard compliant WebSocket server and have had a simple online demo runnin
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