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  1. Did you test it on another computer / browser? Do you have many tabs with a glcontext? you provide not enough information to know.
  2. iirc the number of webgl contexts is a browser limitation so if you create one each time you change the map you reach the limit and trigger the warning. Usually, you create one webgl context and then reuse it.
  3. maybe you can use a smaller map (256*256) then upscale or you can use a few polygons then noise the result
  4. Hi Justine and welcome a few questions : what kind of ecpm and traffic can we expect from Kaios, what is the target main audience (age), where can we get a Kaios device (in France) ? Regards
  5. your paypal link is on top of the load image button making it impossible to test your tool (chrome/win)
  6. you may find this link useful :
  7. i asked because there was no warning on desktop and the game ran straight to fullscreen . I like the pad on mobile, very smooth.
  8. totor

    MTB Hero

    i played the game only on laptop so can't say for single-touch control but yeah jump on scenery-item more as a wow effect or as gate replacement like a ramp to jump over a stream or when you come with speed over a curvy little hill - instead of popping a gate ;) Still can't beat the expert mode even with all capacity maxed out, always hit by a gate, that seems beyond my reflex ability. ;) Speaking of capacity it's not very clear (for me) what effect have boost and power. If i may ask, it would be awesome to have a free ride mode but i don't know if your engine can generate a ride on the go.
  9. totor

    MTB Hero

    awesome style and effects! i find the game a bit difficult though due to the low camera positioning, on the expert track the obstacles pop way to quick and hidden by the character on her bike making it more a reflex game than a careful trajectory optimization contrary to your games with the cars. And you can't jump!!!!!!! WHAT???? a mtb game and no bumps on the trail? Ok it would be more a bmx game. ;)
  10. you can mix very ugly code and wasm too o ;)
  11. totor

    js13kGames 2019

    Hi, can i use haxe or c++ compiled to javascript (or any tool that generates js) for the compo since coffeeScript and typeScript are allowed?
  12. If your players play through a browser there is nothing you can do to prevent cheating on a skill game with leaderboards because they always can figure out a way to send the perfect moves. If you are looking at other competition games you may have solutions but it depends on your budget (in like how many bandwidth and server power you can afford) and still no absolute guarantee.
  13. Read carefully the license, (if any doubt or unclear) ask the site directly. You can use CC0 or public domain commercially but you have to be sure that the work is cc0 or pd.
  14. Live conference about gamedev. It's on twitch and youtube, the conf is free, translated in 8 languages - vocals and subtitles. more info here :
  15. Could you share the succes stories with developers as an example?
  16. love the visuals, will play it this WE.
  17. Congrats and best wishes for your game. The WADE engine seems very nice too, it can export to android and ios?
  18. So they paid a limited time exclusive to get the game first and they got it and the contract is clear that the license is non exclusive so you have no problem. I'd do what b10b advises, a bit of polish and go!
  19. The real question is more like what was the kind of license you sold your game to the client?
  20. the problem is more of what kind of computer hardware do you target because results will be very different if your test machine is the average laptop with a crappy proc or a higher end dev machine.
  21. what kind of games make 4k gross per dev per month - ie 12K gross revenue per month assuming the announced share?
  22. You mean you only have one person in charge for this at ... facebook???? just curious.