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    totor got a reaction from Creator of in How to create a Europe map programmatically/dynamically?   
    maybe you can use a smaller map (256*256) then upscale or you can use a few polygons then noise the result
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    totor reacted to supertommy in Phaser 3 Examples in TypeScript   
    Here’s a work-in-progress of Phaser 3 examples in TypeScript:
    You can make changes in the editor with code complete, static analysis, and more and then test it immediately in the browser.
    Right now, I am taking the official Phaser 3 examples and turning them into TypeScript with a more modern format.
    You can also get the examples as a Github repository without the website frontend:
    Hope this helps make it easier for people comfortable with webdev or any other dev but new to gamedev 🤗
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    totor reacted to end3r in js13kGames 2020   
    The compo started yesterday - check out the blog post, and the short video announcing the theme. We have WebRTC added to the Server category, and continue having both WebXR (with Magic Leap 1 as the prize), and Web Monetization categories as well.
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    totor got a reaction from eguneys in How to code a level editor for a 2D platformer?   
    you may find this link useful :
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    totor reacted to grelf in How to generate limitless terrain in real time, in plain HTML5/JavaScript   
    I have explained my technique in some detail at

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    totor reacted to Alexalten in 3rd person rail shooter (fake Space Harrier) free to use prototype   
    Sorry, I've forgotten to specify that is designed for mobile. 
    The game pad is a phaser plug-in, under MIT license, I've found on github:
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    totor got a reaction from Alexalten in 3rd person rail shooter (fake Space Harrier) free to use prototype   
    i asked because there was no warning on desktop and the game ran straight to fullscreen . I like the pad on mobile, very smooth.
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    totor got a reaction from b10b in MTB Hero   
    awesome style and effects! i find the game a bit difficult though due to the low camera positioning, on the expert track the obstacles pop way to quick and hidden by the character on her bike making it more a reflex game than a careful trajectory optimization contrary to your games with the cars.

    And you can't jump!!!!!!! WHAT???? a mtb game and no bumps on the trail? Ok it would be more a bmx game. ;)
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    totor got a reaction from b10b in MTB Hero   
    i played the game only on laptop so can't say for single-touch control but yeah jump on scenery-item more as a wow effect or as gate replacement like a ramp to jump over a stream or when you come with speed over a curvy little hill - instead of popping a gate ;)

    Still can't beat the expert mode even with all capacity maxed out, always hit by a gate, that seems beyond my reflex ability. ;) Speaking of capacity it's not very clear (for me) what effect have boost and power.

    If i may ask, it would be awesome to have a free ride mode but i don't know if your engine can generate a ride on the go.
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    totor reacted to end3r in js13kGames 2019   
    Sure, as long as the compiled JavaScript version is within 13 kilobytes.
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    Greetings everyone! Check out our FREE asset packs at:
    You can also follow us on social media and support us over Patreon!
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    totor reacted to Gio in Cardlings, a digital board game   
    I have written a blog post with some details about the development process. You can read it here.
    The idea is that in each part I'll cover one thing that went right and one that went wrong. In the first part:
    - What went right: client-server architecture
    - What went wrong: building on top of prototype code
    I hope someone will find it useful
    Also, the game is now available on Steam!
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    totor got a reaction from jalex in Classic Space Adventure   
    If i may suggest a few other things :

    - add the option to set the volume for the Music and another option to set the volume for the Sounds
    - add the option to reconfigure Keys, because arrows+xc+return+esc is not easy when you have small hands

    -make it clear at the beginning that you can access the inventory with esc key, for example when you grab the first item
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    totor got a reaction from jalex in Classic Space Adventure   
    i went to robocity then i was lost, i had no clue to where to go to find the key, where to find the laser and my space drill was no use against robots then i thought that i could jump on a moving platform but i fell through, by luck (or years of experience playing video games) i activated something by pushing enter when i was near something that looked like a console and i could go on but then i died because when you are on a ladder it's very difficult to jump from it to somewhere without falling first, falling to the ground i mean so you have to redo it all over again.

    The game seems nice though but it lacks visual cue with objects of interest that don't stand out from the background, some robots seems harmless since you can go through them others are hurting but again no cues, the real problem is with the controls that are unforgiving and that is not fun in 2018. One game can be hard and unforgiving but not the controls unless the controls are part of the game like in qwop or getting over it.

    The point with the controls is the more important, by chance i just went out from a conf today where the author of dead cells was making a part of his talk precisely on this and the idea is that the dev silently cheat the game to help the player with the controls giving some advices :

    when the player jump from a cliff don't let him fall because he was a pixel late,
    when he arrives on a cliff don't let him fall because he was a pixel short,
    an enemy comes from the back and the player fires the laser in the wrong direction : makes him auto turn before,
    the player does not have to be blocked because there is a block on the ground a few pixel higher,
    boost the jump if he wall jumped a bit to short to go up the wall,

    Anyway, i"ll try again later, i won't let that little red guy lost on mars.
    good rover too ;)
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    totor reacted to Wolfsbane in Full Game Tutorial: Making Minesweeper   
    Tutorial: Making Minesweeper
    (Preview of what we'll be making)

    Introduction to MineSweeper

    (Image 1. The classic Minesweeper. You can play a version of it online at )
    Minesweeper is a classic game, which just about everyone who’s ever had a computer has played before. It’s a sometimes frustrating puzzle game, that mixes a bit of luck with a head for numbers. It’s a simple design that can challenge the player again and again no matter how many times they play it.
    Basic Design
    Before we can get into writing any code, let’s take a look at the design of the classic Minesweeper.
     There will be three basic game objects: A square, the playing field that contains all the squares, and the ‘Smiley’ faced button. The basic gameplay is the player has to uncover the whole field, except for the mines. He can place a flag on top of mines by right-clicking to avoid clicking on them. If he accidentally clicks on a mine, it blows up, and he loses the game. If he manages to clear all the squares without clicking on a single mine, then he wins.
     Each object will have the following behaviors:
    Game Objects Table 1.1
    Playing Field
    Smiley Face
    Could be a bomb
    Could be next to a bomb. If it is, then the square has a number.
    Flags can be placed on top of squares.
    Is a list of Square objects.
    These squares need to be created in the room, and the bomb needs to be randomly placed.
    If all the non-Bomb squares are cleared, then the player wins.
    Looks anxious when the player presses a square.
    Looks dead when the player presses a bomb square.
    Looks cool when the game is won.
     Panda2 is a visual way of writing HTML5 Javascript games. It allows you to immediately see the code changes you're doing onscreen. It's built on the Panda Engine, which is an opensource html5 engine.
     Any image editor for creating png’s to use for the game’s graphics. But don’t worry, the game resources are included with the source code so you can get coding without spending time trying to create game resources.
    Step 1: Setting up the Base
     So you’re ready to make the latest, and greatest MineSweeper game. Great! But how will we start?
     In Panda2, create a new project.

    (Image 2. A blank project).
     The first screen we’re presented with the base game setup: This is where the core ‘engine’ is loaded for the game. You can see first it’s loading the engine, then the config,  before it starts main.js. We don’t need to worry about the engine, so first let’s add some graphics we can use in the game.
     Click on the asset tab, and then add graphics:

    (Figure x. Adding assets to the game).
     Go to where your game graphics are stored, and selecte the Square graphic to load.

    (Figure 1.x the assets for this game)
     Click on ‘Main’ in the sidebar. You’ll be presented with your ‘game logic’.

    (Figure 2. Main.js. This is going to be the starting point of your game).
     Click on line 12, to get your cursor there, then press the (+) button, which is indicated by the red arrow in Figure 2. It’ll create some code for new, a new Class. Go ahead and call it ‘Square’.
     After creating the Square, now we have to add the sprite for it. Click again on the asset tab, hold down Alt and click on the ‘square.png’ image. You should now see the following code added to your game:
     Make sure this code is just above your ‘Main’ definition.
     Now: Inside Square, change the init function to this:
    init: function(x, y) {
           this.mySprite = new game.Sprite('square.png');
     And inside of Main.init(), add the following line of code:
    var playingField= new game.Square(96,96);
     All together, it should look something like this:
    .body(function() {

    game.addAsset('square.png'); //press alt+click on square to add it to game.

    game.createScene('Main', {
       init: function() {
           var playingField= new game.Square(96,96);

    game.createClass('Square', {
       init: function(x, y) {
           this.mySprite = new game.Sprite('square.png');

     Save and refresh. (the red arrow in Image below points to the Refresh game button)

     Congratulations! You’ve created the first step of the game.
     You’ve used Panda to add a new Asset to your game.
     You’ve created your first game object, and you’ve created your first sprite to draw into the game.
     What we’ve created so far can be found in the minesweeper_01 project in the source code.
     Now: While what we’ve achieved is not that impressive, we’re getting familiar with the workflow of adding game resources like images, and creating new gameobjects. Now that we’re familiar with this, we’ll now be able to quickly create new objects and display them however we please. Other resources, like music and sound are added in much the same way.
     Next up: We want to create a playing field. And we want to add some game function to the Squares (Like Bombs!).
    Step 2: Creating the Playing Field and adding interactivity.
     In this step, we’ll create the actual playing field of squares, we’ll turn some of the playing fields into bombs, and we’ll let the Player click/tap on the squares to reveal them.
     We need to add more assets to the game. This includes loading 2 font resources:  Fonts have 2 files associated with 2 files: *.fnt file, and a *.png file. Load the extra assets into the game. Add a PlayingField game object. Add Bombs and code for checking for bomb.  Our game now looks like this:

     It’s getting there! Squares now know if there’s a bomb next to it, or if it’s a bomb. Square are also randomly assigned a bomb.
     The full code for where we’ve gotten to so far can be found in the minesweeper_02 project files.
    Step 3: Implement basic game logic.
     In this step, we code the game to have win/lose logic. We add some of the classic Minesweeper features, such as marking squares with flags, and adding a ‘Smiley’ face to the GUI
     The game now looks like:

     Full source code can be found in minesweeper_03 project files.
    Step 4: Adding some final polish.
     Final code polish. Flagging mines on game complete. Exploded sprite. Adding Animation.
     Game now looks like:

     Full source code is in minesweeper_04 project files.
    Final Step: You!
     The next step is to take this game to the next level. Here’s some suggestions:
     Traditional Minesweeper is a fixed grid. Add some level design! Change the pattern. There’s no reason to even keep it to be squares. Use hexagons, or circles. Put it in space!
     Polish the game! Add Music and sound effects. Add a Title screen. Add some cool explosion animations if the player clicks on a bomb. Make stars fly out when the player wins.
    One thing that players of the traditional minesweeper do is play for the hi-score. Add a timer and track their scores. Let them share their scores on Social Media
     Release it! The Panda2 editor has some features to easily export and release your game across multiple platforms. Some of the platforms it currently supports are Android, iOS, Facebook Instant Games, AndroidTV, XBoxOne.
    Source Downloads: And Finally...
    Leave some feedback. Cheers!
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    totor reacted to stabilowl in A new blockchain based HTML5 Game Distribution Platform   
    Hi Totor,
    Thank you for bringing me to attention about the link. I have fixed the link so you can have a look now. 
    Basically, our platform works like this: Game developers upload their game onto our platform. Players everywhere can see it and play it. Players who are also Steem users can upvote on it if they like it. Each of their upvote is work something, depending on how much Steem they have invested. At the end of each posting cycle (7 days), the earnings from these votes goes into the developer's account. The developer can renew their post of the game, which allows the start of a new posting cycle, and so new users or the same users who likes your game a lot, can vote again. 
    The amount you can earn currently depends mostly on the players who vote. For example, the first game on our platform a few days back had already gathered about $20 USD. Our official account currently only have the voting value of about $1 USD, so each game, each post would have a guarantee $1 vote from our account. However, we are in the process of trying to get sponsorship from Steemit Officials. Some current projects that have that sponsorship can give votes up to $100 USD per vote. This is the level of reward that is possible on Steem. 
    Additionally, Steem has other initiative that is currently running, which allow game developers to earn in different ways, such as setting up crowdfunding, or being rewarded for open source contribution. I will be writing an article on it on our official blog, I can post a link here once it is published. 
    We will also be running game jams in the near future, with sizable prices. I will be posting more information then. 
    Hope that answers your question, and feel free to ask more! 
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    totor got a reaction from b10b in Stock Car Hero   
    congrats, that fixed it!
    the report says v1.0.62 31fps 0.64-700
    i got the nice sensation of speed, the visual effects of the boost is very effective and you get all the sensations and feelings
    of the arcade drive, nice job.

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    totor got a reaction from TheBoneJarmer in [WIP] - multiplayer shooter - Box2D   
    please add zqsd / updownrightleft or better : personal key settings, for non qwerty-er
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    totor got a reaction from jlrueda in Loading times feedback   
    on my chrome/windows 10 the page stalls at loading, the console outputs the error :

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'cookie_warning' of undefined
    at DDxDYei1LMMMLngFgoEGf7pSmkgWjs (d.js:14)

    it"s because it"s a "more secure" version of chrome where cookies and such are blocked, maybe your friend has the same settings or a privacy plugin, tell him to F12 and tell what the console outputs or what the network tab tells.
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    totor got a reaction from Mattia in js13kGames 2017   
    is the lost?

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    totor reacted to jamro in JsBattle - JavaScript Programming Game (clone of Robocode)   
    Hi Guys,
    Recently I was working on a tanks' battle simulator. It is strongly inspired by Robocode.  In short, you program artificial intelligence of your tank and test it during the battle. Of course, you will need JavaScript skills to do that    
    Please give it a try and let me know what do you think. All feedback is welcome

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    totor got a reaction from Kitanga Nday (NDAY Games) in js13kGames 2017   
    is the lost?

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    totor reacted to htmlhigh5 in Tower Capture [BIG graphics update]   
    The computer moves first in hard mode to make it a little more difficult without using the amount of processing time it takes to make the AI better. Basically it's harder without being slower. It does the same move every time because that's the move the algorithm thinks is the best
    Here is the original code for the bot:
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    totor reacted to htmlhigh5 in Tower Capture [BIG graphics update]   
    @totor That's an audacious claim to make without a verified score on the leaderboards to back it up 
    The AI question was basically just to make a bot that can play this game. My strategy is basically to score the board based on the players' position and the open space around them, then find the move that results in the best result. If you want, I can send you the source code for the bot I submitted. I wrote it in Java originally.
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    totor got a reaction from htmlhigh5 in Tower Capture [BIG graphics update]   
    i like brain teasers (what was the AI programming challenge name?). I played on easy mode and i won! (yeah!!!).
    A few remarks :

    The screen is not as readable as chess or checkers for my taste, maybe you should add a more "flat icon" look like your logo, the arrows on marble are hard to see and the red crosses don"t fit with the theme of the board.

    The instructions are not clear, i had to figure out how to play, i even didn't know what color i was. I thought the arrows were to kill the other pawns but no, they are barriers to prevent them to move.

    The goal of the game is to prevent the other pawns to move, blocking their degrees of freedom (a bit like go). Once you have locked the opponents in a smaller territory than yours, you have won the game BUT you have to make all the remaining moves until the games ends, this is tedious. Maybe you should add an auto-solver that ends the game when it's clear you have won or make a smaller board, i don't know since i have not your experience on the game

    Anyway, thanks for this nice game.