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  1. I never had problems with them. Maybe you're trying to send email to Maren. He is no longer in the company. Try to send the invoice to billing@famobi.com
  2. The SDK will not work if hosted outside IG, but once the game is launched in IG, there is a shareable link. I think you can use it into a iframe, but i'm not sure.
  3. Well, I did that and just received the follwing reply: Now the one thing left is waiting for them to respond the ticked someday...
  4. @Noel Can't find "Contact our support team" in this page (can't find any "contact" word using ctrl+F). Only found a "Support" link that refers to the same page. In my support inbox, I have the ticket that I opened at november 14, but without any reply yet. I think the only thing that left for me is hoping that they reply it someday. Well I think there are nothing you can do anymore. Thanks again for all your efforts.
  5. Thanks @Noel But the only thing I find in this link is a procedure to secure my account, changing my password, reviewing my infos, etc. Can't find any contact form or contact info.
  6. Hi @Noel, thank you for the help. But I was asked to do it in the login page, not by email. How can I contact them?
  7. Hi Noel, thank you for your reply. Yes my account is legit. My busines account is linked with my personal accont that I created in 2011. I never created another account. Berfore my games were deleted, Facebook asked me to change password becase it seems someone tried to invade my account, so I changed, but I don't know if it has something to do with this issue. Here some IDs of games that were removed: 404300713330537 2023311327923755 1873630742929210 349272272145411 113995092785037
  8. None of my games use third party brands. I'm aware of the flood of IP infrigiment games in IG platform. This makes things more weird because I see lots of them geting milions of player without any action from Facebook against them. Also I see that there is a lot of game with poor ads implementation (ads opens berfore the game starts or opens suddenly in the midle of gameplay) and nothing happens with them. While legit developers like me that implement IG features with caution are treated that way... Maybe Noel can't help with this, but as I said, it is my last hope. This is my last
  9. Hi, A few weeks ago over 70 of my games got deleted without any explanation from facebook. I was waiting for an email fromm them, but received nothing until now. Also in the same day my dev account got restricted. I tried to appeal, but the ticked is open without any response until now. Before that, my Audience Network got restricted and all my games (100+) got banned from AN. Before that I had 3 or 4 games restricted by "policy violations", but the the ads were implemented correctly following all AN requeriments. I made several adjustments and did several appeals, but they k
  10. A big increase in revenue (relative) from september to august. How many games you have uploaded there?
  11. Well, thats really odd. Hey @Iurigenovesi. Could you tell us whats the purpoise of another platform? Whats the difference between publishing a game in gamedistribution and gamemonetize?
  12. Convert all your audio files to webm format, this should resolve this issue.
  13. Until last year I used to sell games for $500 in average. But things changed too much in 2019. I have the impression that only True Valhalla sells licences nowadays. And I have no idea how.
  14. There is https://thebestarcadescript.com/ But I don't know if they are supporting the produtct nowadays.
  15. I use C3 too and usually get my games reproved when I send them with only mp4/ogg sound files. When i convert all the audio to webm and send to review again, the game gets approved. Try it. You can add the same ogg audio files again in the projet that C3 will convert to webm
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