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  1. Well, thats really odd. Hey @Iurigenovesi. Could you tell us whats the purpoise of another platform? Whats the difference between publishing a game in gamedistribution and gamemonetize?
  2. Convert all your audio files to webm format, this should resolve this issue.
  3. Until last year I used to sell games for $500 in average. But things changed too much in 2019. I have the impression that only True Valhalla sells licences nowadays. And I have no idea how.
  4. There is But I don't know if they are supporting the produtct nowadays.
  5. I use C3 too and usually get my games reproved when I send them with only mp4/ogg sound files. When i convert all the audio to webm and send to review again, the game gets approved. Try it. You can add the same ogg audio files again in the projet that C3 will convert to webm
  6. I think this will be positive for the plataform, since the auto-subscribing bots are harassing to the players. Congratulations. Good to know that is possible to reach such retention without bots. It should be a great game.
  7. 20% is possible today because players are auto-subscribed to bots. But after January this will not be possible anymore. So I think the max retention will be about 7% or 8%.
  8. I agree. They could at least enforce the verification only after the individual verification get working, or better, only a month after individual verification release to give a time for devs.
  9. Had this problem here too. It looks like they have a black-list of regions. Try registering a new payment account using another country.
  10. Very useful article, thanks! I will try those portals when I get my own HTML5 games portal working.
  11. Great work. Do you have more animation samples to show? How many hours do you spend to make a running character animation with about 10 frames?
  12. Aside from IAP that Apple Pay and Google Pay could bring. The thing that I most miss in HTML5 is rewarded video ads. This would have very very potential.
  13. I think HTML5 gaming is just borning yet. Since Flash will finnaly die soon, I think the correct phrase would be 'Let's Make Web Games Great Again! (with HTML5)'
  14. Very interesting idea! Also a mockup would showcase almost all game graphics (characters, backgrounds, UI, etc) in one shoot.
  15. The only time that I wasn't able to deal with a client for not having a registered business, is one with a client from the same country as me (Brazil). Never had problems with foreign clients.