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    Hey guys, this is my first time showcasing a game here. Just wanted to show off a game I put together last month called SIXIS. It's a pretty basic puzzle game that I think turned out really well. Direct link: http://fire-face.com/Sixis/game.html It's designed for mobile devices due to the use of swipe gestures, but you can play it on a desktop browser using the arrow keys to rotate the cube. For more info you can follow me on twitter at @owendeery
  2. It depends how you have your preloader setup, and it seems obvious, but I usually just decouple the preloader from any content loading and just update it manually. So for instance if your preloader updates based on a loader event, I would remove the event and update the preloader at a timed interval with a set progress amount. It won't simulate the 'chunkiness' of downloading but it works for getting the logic and design worked out.
  3. Wow, this is very full featured. The whole interface is beautiful, very clean and very fast. I like the ability to see 'trending' tracks as well, it definitely seems like it would keep people coming back if there were constantly new popular tracks available.
  4. Like Karma Octopus said, it's not 100% what to do at the start but it's pretty easy to figure it out quickly. The fact that you've changed the 'X' to a '/' helps a lot with understanding the goal of each level. Nice monster designs too!
  5. Not bad, nice and smooth. I'm not sure if it gets faster later on, but it starts off moving very slowly. Even if the birds are moving fast it feels like I'm taking forever to move across the screen and dodge the buildings.
  6. I can't comment on whether it will sell or not, but be sure that even if you don't call it 'Tetris', The Tetris Company has been known to shutdown anything that involves blocks and has the word '-tris' in its name. I think as long as you avoid that and that your twist is substantial enough then you should be fine to sell it.