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  1. The game Tiny Golf World has been placed under temporary review. Thanks
  2. Thank you for the comments. We have placed the game temporarily under review. We are constantly reviewing our games, and we'll work better to improve the quality with our partners. For any issues, please email directly, and we'll try our best to respond within reasonable timeframes. Thanks
  3. Hi everyone, I appreciate the comments. We work with partner designers and developers from around the world. We care a lot about the quality of the game, how it performs for the device & user. I can say for future games produced, they will be more innovative (we're trying a lot of new things with partners). If there's still concern, please email hello at marketjs dot com, demonstrate that you're the owner, and we'll review your request via email. Hope this helps, thanks.
  4. Hi vladetam, thanks. Sent you a PM. It appears to be a bug in the system where some old things were cached.
  5. Sent you a PM, Abhishek! I'm looking into this.
  6. Quick correction: the premium ones are collaborated with select devs and partners. We're adding a few big features in the coming weeks, will definitely make an announcement. Sorry for the wait.
  7. Thanks for the mention, we had a caching error where games weren't listed properly. Fixed it.
  8. Laguna_999 can you email me with your game title and username? I'll take a look
  9. Yes, 10k plays per day. I only had one game. It took 3 months to build and polish. Keep in mind, an indie lifestyle is really minimal.
  10. I tried Chrome Webstore + Ad4Game + a HTML5 game back in 2011. With 10,000 - 20,000 plays per day, it generated enough revenue to sustain an indie lifestyle. The Chrome Webstore is one of the most under-utilized platform by indie devs. There are many ways to gain players. If anyone's interested, I'd be happy to blog about it.
  11. I visited Mochi back in 2011, when they were thriving. Nice office, great people, loved the decor and Xboxes. I believe their strategic error was not going mobile native. All their competitors ( MiniClip, Armor, Kongregate etc) went mobile native. Mobile HTML5 would not have saved them, because there weren't (aren't) many HTML5 game devs.
  12. It appears to be a technical issue - the game wasn't working when demo-ed from within an iframe. Other games worked ok from iframe. Screenshot from my chrome: Have emailed Uknownxl personally. @benny! Yes, the best method is still to PM or email me. We get a lot of submissions: it won't help if the issue is resolved outside our system. We'll improve over time.
  13. Hi Uknownxl, Can you PM/email me the game you uploaded? I will handle it.
  14. It's not a portfolio. We are doing 2 things working with devs to co-produce premium titles relaying all the interest gained in the contact form to devs, with backbone support. An example: we just did a great introduction from an indie dev to a large agency in Europe. The developer made an awesome casual game that needed porting to native
  15. hi all, we did another round of approval. We basically disapproved ones that - didn't have a title - didn't have a screenshot - didn't have a working demo feel free to drop me a PM (with your game + marketjs username), if your game was disapproved.