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  1. It's a pity. I can make better games with a better control. In-screen only is frustrating.
  2. I discover that softgames.de wants Desktop HTML5 games after them asked about a game here: http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/5282-streaker-a-new-game-made-in-flambe/#entry32273 I'm designing all my games with Mobile in mind: - in-Screen controls - small amount of objects in screen - low requisites. But if there is a market for Desktop games, I could try more traditional games with keyboard control. Someone sold non-mobile games frequently? Only softgames want them?
  3. Victor

    New canvas features

    More speed is always a nice feature XD I hope that the mobile browser implement them or webGL so we can get a little more fps
  4. I like them A LOT. Can we see anything else? Or can you throw some ideas? I can't see how do you want to control the game. Keyboard? Menus?
  5. When I was younger I was really worried about the tools I used to code. I assume that I can do a better work, or that the tools aren't enough to make a good code, or that the people could think that I was a noob or inexperienced and I tried to make all by my own. There aren't any alternatives with PalmOs Games. But the years learning to me that the most important thing that you need to optimize is your own time. I'm not talking about doing bad and messy work. I'm talking about using the faster approach to make the things work because time is the most precious resource. And if something is no
  6. BlackBerry seems to support WebGL too. But there are many devices that doesn't.
  7. Thanks to everyone, I will keep WebGL out of my mind.
  8. I'm polishing my first prototypes and obviously the frame rate is lower. I could use webGL but I don't want to have problems with older devices like Iphone 3GS, Ipad, Galaxy S... Do you use WebGL? Will your games work in so old systems? EDIT: I just try my Android Stock Browser and doesn't support WebGL
  9. Can't you put a "Game Over" screen? Show "Game Over", with a little animation (1 second) and then, activate the click event. So the player stops touching. Or put a Start button of the main scrren in a different place so if the player is touching, it doesn't activate.
  10. Use the tool that gives you better work. Graphics Gale and Gimp are for Raster Graphics and Inkscape for Vectors. I tried to make my own graphics with GG, reading manuals, learning about pixel art techniques, etc... And I can't get anything. Pixel Art is a time consuming task and need a lot of skill. I love the Pixels, but I will need a year or two of learning to make decent artwork. Inkscape is my choice, after reading this: Anyway, I use all of them, sometimes there are little tasks that I can do faster with Raster programs.
  11. We are talking about it here: http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/1202-fgl/page-3#entry25106
  12. I tested it with a generic Android Device with a 960x540 screen and works ok, but I can't see the lower part of the game. I suppose that you used 960x640 as your standard size and the game doesn't resize itself.
  13. I just suscribed. There are any way to read the older ones?
  14. There are older post where people says that Iphone 3GS with Safari can't handle 2048x2048 images. They must went with smaller graphics, 1024x1024 images went ok..
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