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  1. i made a couple of years ago an executable able to download images and showing slides after a certain time for my personal use. It couldn't be so difficult to update it with scripts for getting images from flickr, i will do a try if you want, anyway it is the first time i use the flickr apis, so i need to study them!
  2. instead of an web app, can it be a desktop one (PC, MAC or linux)? The name's overlay need to be made with code or simply can set a graphic canvas that hide it?
  3. The download of the photos will be automatically scheduled or need to be human oriented? what about the graphical assets? Does we provide the graphics?
  4. i'm Italian, and i'm able to connect to the forum frequently, i've had an experience as global moderator in forums in the past, so if you need i'm here!
  5. What will be the framework you want to use? The gender of game you would develop? Any kind of economical basis? (Not related to the payment of the staff).
  6. our next html5 game is near to finish, Thanks to Game Maker!

  7. coding like a slave for only 200$ today, 100$ the day after, free in the future. html5 Coders should be worry about these initiatives and consider to reject them. I'm very serious, i know lots of us could be happy for that kind of deal only because they have a change of make money in a very fast way, without considering the downgrade of the role the html5 coder could suffer.
  8. The price must start according to your costs, first of all, cover these!! then consider that free version is a basic feature if you want to be taken in consideration from the start up indie devs, anyway be focused on the coding and exporting features the price tag is the last thing!
  9. In my opinion the interfaces of them are not optimised for the code sessions of users, since gm has a dephi base regarding the layout, it is affected by glitch and other bugs that make coding problematic on the long run. I should suggest you to think another way to make interfaces; as Jobs said "Think different", because these frameworks are not good examples. you should make 3 ides, one for Windows, one for linux, one for Mac. The others could be interesting but with little game community around are not economical suitable. Andorid , IOS and native are the start point, android consoles are very interesting , in this case try to optimize and offer apis for them, blackberry is a good market potentially suitable. The AAA consoles market is in my opionion very problematic, the difficulty for an indie to access that markets is big, both in the costs and about the quality that a game must reach. Find a good way to implement audio in your framework, since the mobile html5 expirience is not so good! Also multiplayer is mandatory, find the right tool for implement it and make good libraries for the user. Extensions are a must. Make your framework expandable!
  10. i'd rather to know what kind of documented experience this community have, and if someone make games but also work in other job fields, i'm actually an under-graduate/stagist student at biology department of University "Federico Secondo" of Neaples. Also what kind of documented experience the sponsors required from you (if any) Thanks!
  11. Hey guys This is my last project : ICON APP WAR It is about a match between icons of the most famous apps on Internet, it is in a very young stage so it is full of bugs. The main goal is to destroy your opponent shooting it with incons of firefox, utorrent, chrome, safari ecc.. you will be able to choose the direction and fire more than one "icon bullet" at time according to your abilities; a "firewall" wall divide also the main parts of the battlefield. The garbage bin is the total number of bullets that can be used in the game (both yours and the opponent), if full the match should finish. Specs: platform : HTML5 mobile framework : GAME MAKER STUDIO : HTML5 Control : left touch--->movement right touch pressed----->direction of bullet right touch released---->shoot the bullet To select your player, touch the icon you prefer on the main screen To restart the battle reload the page Knowing bug : Some time the screen resizing is not done correctly The left touch also controls the direction of the bullet If the garbage bin become full, the game not restart This version is simply a melting pot of ideas of my mind that tried to trasform in a web game, suggestion on the design and other stuffs are very appreciate