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    Nintendo Switch

    It apparently only took Tommy Refennes 2 days to get the Super Meat Boy engine running on the Switch, so if you've got the skills and an HTML5 wrapper then that could be an option. Or you could find yourself someone to publish it for you. Getting your game on Switch without a publisher could be tricky, it might be better to focus on the Wii U for now if you don't want to go down the publisher route.
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I meant desktop as opposed to mobile, but still web based HTML5 games. Like the Flash games of old.
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    Thank you for your response. Could you, or anyone else, tell me what games portals accept desktop only/oriented HTML5/Web GL games? Cheers!
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    If you sell an exclusive license, what does it cover? Is it just other games portals, could you still bring it to consoles etc? If not as is, how much would you have to change it, could you bring out a directors cut, sequel, Super Meat Boy to the original Meat Boy? Also, what companies are there that accept desktop games? I'd much rather make proper games with proper controls as it were. Sorry if this is the wrong forum to post this.
  5. It didn't work very well for me in Chrome either.
  6. It might be an idea if you could miss 3 apples before it's game over, and it does get rather quick rather fast! I found that kinda fun, but whether casual gamer's would is another matter, and it might get old pretty quickly.
  7. Oh, and it'd be better if you could start the game using the keyboard on PC, unless I'm missing something?
  8. Nice game, but I found the darkness coming up the screen a bit annoying, and it seems unfairly hard now, maybe it's just me!