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  1. You can also do a "python -m SimpleHTTPServer" in the directory the files are in and surf to http://localhost:8000.
  2. Not sure what the problem is? From here Pixi works great with nw.js. I created a minimal Pixi project here and successfully copied it to nw.js (formerly node-webkit) https://github.com/dirkk0/pixitest http://goo.gl/p3v54b Any hints?
  3. I also switched to Sprites for this reason: http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/10482-heydey-isometric-tiles-in-pixijs/
  4. Then I guess you have to come up with some clever lazy loading algorithm. Maybe this library helps? http://www.javascriptoo.com/Echo-js
  5. Try to resize it to 4096x4096 (i.e. 2^12: 'It maybe non-power-of-2 ').
  6. Without the code it's hard to tell, but these problems almost always stem from synchronicity problems while loading (i.e. things are not loaded in the right order or at all). If this is the case, you want to make sure that you right the appropriate order in the 'loaded successfully' callbacks.
  7. Hi, long story short: some time ago, I tried to come up with some 'Hayday'-ish clone code base. I don't have the time to follow up on that now, so I decided to open source this: https://gist.github.com/dirkk0/d8ff6b031740accaea5f See it in action here: http://jsbin.com/migasu/2/edit?html,output Cheers, Dirk
  8. dirkk0

    Learning Pixi.js

    I feel your pain. My guess is that you don't have so much problems with Pixi.js, but rather with the environment it needs to be run on. I tried to address that in these video tutorials, but I am not sure if these are the issues you have: http://goo.gl/4EgneV In case of problems, contact me. Best, Dirk
  9. Why would you do basic authentication on your images in the first place?
  10. dirkk0

    Python and Pixi.js

    @hubert: exactly - ain't that cool? :-) @SebastianNett: Exactly. That's why I intend to use both Brython and PythonJS. Brython runs in the browser on the fly and makes experiments somewhat easier. PythonJS will compile to a native JS file which is better in production. Turns out, the Brython community is somewhat more responsive than the guy who does PythonJS. I filed an issue on the PythonJS github a week ago and got no response so far. http://goo.gl/YEChly I have Pixi.js and Howler.js running with Brython so far. I had no luck with Phaser, though.
  11. Hi, just a short notice that it is possible to use the programming language Python with Pixi.js (and other libraries including Three.js, Howler,js and so forth) by using Brython, a Python implementation for the browser. Here's a minimal example: http://jsfiddle.net/dirkk0/s7butdL1/show/ (code http://jsfiddle.net/dirkk0/s7butdL1) Best, Dirk
  12. I think it is because you need to give the RenderTexture a width and a height, like so: var texture = new PIXI.RenderTexture(500,500)
  13. Example 8 works perfectly for me on both iOS and Android - every bunny moves for each finger.
  14. Yes, you can do that with RenderTexture: http://jsfiddle.net/dirkk0/6KVj4/ (via http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/1706-basic-tiled-game-performance-enhancement/ )
  15. just for info: it works for both Android and iOS, I just tested it.
  16. dirkk0

    Render FOV

    If I understand your problem correctly, the whole theory to this is here: http://www.redblobgames.com/articles/visibility/
  17. Yes. https://build.phonegap.com/apps/908881/builds https://github.com/dirkk0/p1
  18. dirkk0

    Pixi and AngularJS

    I would also like to see a solution. Other than that, I guess mwatts view is right. This article was much discussed recently - but it doesn't use pixi. http://www.ng-newsletter.com/posts/building-2048-in-angularjs.html
  19. Being a newb myself, I shoudn't answer this - but I'll try anyways :-). Looking at the documentation and the example, there doesn't seem to be a filter that supports hue. But - looking at the Pixi source, I see that the filters are parameterized WebGL fragment shaders, for example: http://www.goodboydigital.com/pixijs/docs/files/src_pixi_filters_InvertFilter.js.html#l5 It should be feasible to create a new filter to extend Pixi with a hue and saturation shader by looking into similar libs that have more examples of shaders like this great 'glfx' library: https://github.com/evanw/glfx.js/blob/master/src/filters/adjust/huesaturation.js One can see that the structure is very similar. With enough time and experimentation I can imagine that the mileage is not too big.
  20. Hi, disclaimer: pixi newb here. I am working on an isometric example and as such want to be able to drag the background to move the scene. Starting from the bunny example (#8) I noticed a behavior that isn't desirable for my particular case. Once you click on the bunny, the sprite jumps to center at your mouse cursor. It's barely noticeable because the bunnies are rather small, but once you tried this with larger sprites, it is pretty obvious: http://jsfiddle.net/dirkk0/3B2DY/ I am not sure if this is the most elegant solutions (comments welcome) but the way I solved this was to introduce to new local variables in mousedown... this.sx = this.data.getLocalPosition(bunny).x * bunny.scale.x;this.sy = this.data.getLocalPosition(bunny).y * bunny.scale.y;...and to change the position with this offset in mousemove. this.position.x = newPosition.x - this.sx;this.position.y = newPosition.y - this.sy;Working example here: http://jsfiddle.net/dirkk0/cXfpq/ Best, Dirk
  21. Is there any code snippet for this available? Btw - this works very well the other way round, i.e. displaying a Phaser texture on a 3D object, see here: http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/728316/tquery/test.html (using Jerome's very cool idea) (also from )
  22. This author used D3.js and Meteor - which is probably a good combination. In any way i would recommend D3 because it deals with vector graphics very well, and there are a lot of examples with maps: https://github.com/btipling/sphela-game Other than that I might suggest CreateJS as a quite feature complete framework in generell. Having said that - I didn't give Phaser a try yet (which seems to be the framework of the company running this forum). Best, Dirk