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  1. Afternoon fellow Phaser Devs, My latest Phaser incarnation is a Match 3 game with a slight twist. Instead of continuous play, you have to get the required fruits in the time limit to progress. The direction the fruit shuffles is determined by the direction you swipe.As usual, there's bonuses for 4 & 5 in a row, and a time bonus if you get both vertical and horizontal in the move, and if you cannot move, then you can mix the board up.Each level gets progressively harder, and the numbers required and the types of fruit goes up every time. It's flagged as WIP, as there are some small "features" to add... and 1 to fix, but otherwise, it's all there. Enjoy.
  2. Thanks for the feedback guys. Taken everything on board and made a few changes... The font has been redone - this time it's more subtle, and readable. The bonus at the end of the level is purely your bonus that's left. The number of arrows left, the bonus remaining and the required bubbles drive the number of stars you can get for the level. Sound effects have also been added (with and option to turn them off) A couple of you guys have mentioned the control methods. I've implemented both methods of controls, so you can choose to tap around Archer or you can tap and drag anywhere to fire the arrow. If you do the second method, then the power bar indicates the directions and power of the shot. Use the options to define which method you prefer, but it's down to preference really. It would be great if people want to try it out and as always, feedback is always welcome. Thanks BTW - BdR - I had Snake Slider on the webOS - great game and great platform.
  3. Afternoon HTML5Game devvers, Latest Phaser game is just about ready to play. Apart from the inenviable task of creating more levels, what started as a physics proof of concept (arrows down, bubbles up), is now a fully playable casual game (for desktop only for now). Archer Click and drag to launch (or simply click) to unleash your arrow popping as many bubbles as you required. The more arrows and bonus time you have left at the end, the bigger the rewards. Fire single arrows, a salvo at once or use the fire arrows to set off a chain reaction of exploding bubbles. Pick up extras on the way from free arrows, extra time, lightning bolts or just extra points. Destroy barrels to unleash shrapnel destroying all the bubbles in it's path. Casual game.Physics based puzzler.Demo with 10 complete levels. Finished game will have 50 levels.Desktop only - for now.As always, feedback is always welcome... and needed.
  4. Very, very good game. Nice and slick - and not just the oil! :-)
  5. Thanks for the update. It now renders on a mobile, but doesn't play as it needs a whole new input mechanism obviously. I'm not a fan of 'virtual joysticks' on account of your fingers drift of the 'hotspots', just at the wrong time. Needs some thinking.
  6. Thanks, just option B - the asteroids are 3 png sprites to look as close to the originals, randomly assigned and scaled as you shoot them.
  7. Have to say, Phaser really is pretty fast in getting anything up and running. Took a break from other stuff to see what I could do in about 8 hours (bug free). A close arcade version of Asteroids is the result. Enjoy. :-)
  8. Taking the (non Phaser) game TileDriver I did a while ago, I have created a casual version in Phaser taking advantage of the stability it gives you with timings, graphics and effects, It's a fast paced sliding tile game where you have to remove as many as possible in the time limit. Starts at 60 seconds but you can get extra time here and there. 60 seconds to remove as many tiles as possible.Slide identical tiles together to crush them.Match 3 or more for powerups and lightning bolts.Use them to obliterate rows, columns, and matching tiles.Destroy surrounding tiles with bombs.Set up chain reactions for big points.Never ending supply of tiles means there's always something to remove.Go for the big multipliers by continuously removing tiles.Don't push wall tiles together, they'll restrict your playing area.Walls can be blown up by bombs though.Needs extra time? - Play for longer by grabbing the extra time.Tiles = coins - Cash them in for powerups next time. or on GameJolt if you prefer Anyway, enjoy, and please feel free to comment. Thanks
  9. If you're not after absolute precision, I'd be tempted to let the collision event fire, then use the ship x,y coordinates to decide if it's ok to blow it up. If the ship is outside of the visible bounds then exit the collision handler, otherwise... Boom.
  10. I tweened the alpha on the world instance for my game. Gives you a hook in to do something else once complete.
  11. Not used GIMP yet, but find provides me with more than I need and its also free. The only thing I couldn't get working was the snap to grid, but I've got an old install of paint shop pro for that.
  12. Thanks Rich, I've updated the game with a few tweaks to make it more playable. Rotation and speed of the ship are faster.You no longer get damaged by explosions - it was proving too difficult to avoid them.Picking up a weapon increase now give a small health increase as well.So far, the best I've managed is level 12 - 337,800.
  13. Thanks for the feedback Rich, When you say too slow, are you playing on the mobile or desktop? The mobile controls are still a work in progress, the idea is it creates a virtual joystick where you put your finger down, but you soon start trying to drag in the direction you want to go instead of left and right to rotate, so some work needed there.
  14. Fiendishly difficult puzzles, but a nice gradual introduction. Very good game and graphics. No issues on HTC one, I like this a lot.