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  1. Wow! Very impressive art What tool(s) do you use to create all of this?
  2. I really don't care if you believe me or not but if you want some prove ask some of the members around here and you'll find out for yourself.
  3. "Now I know what you're thinking. You're probably already looking for a reply button so you can shout me down, but there is no reply button. You're not here to talk. You're here to listen." Why post this on the forums then? To be honest, I'm annoyed at myself for replying to this topic. It's a stupid topic because you obviously just wanted to start an argument and have no room for change.
  4. Of cause I'm not going to tell you who I sell games to. "Where?" that doesn't even make any sense. You do realise how most people and I sell html5 games; To sponsors who then usually implement ads in the games or something of the sort and host it on their website. I don't earn any profit from the games after selling it to sponsor unless it's for ad revenue. I've only been making html5 games for the last 5-6 months, I could tell you which games I've sold and at what price in which month but nothing else as I'm not obligated to give out personal information.
  5. I have read your article, but I disagree with most of it. Of cause the people buying games off me have paying customers if they didn't they wouldn't buy them off me. My profit each month has been steadily increasing from about $1000 the first month to an average of $3500-$5000 each month now. The quality of my games has also been steadily improving as well. My first html5 game was this Evoid Now I can pump out a game like this in just under a week. Itzy Bitzy Spider This is quite an old game as well. The games I'm working on are of much better quality.
  6. Well, I started out making games a few years ago and even though I don't have much experience with it, I've been able to make over $10,000 in the last two months. Just because a big company like Blizzard's game crashes doesn't mean our games are going to. We don't need paying customers to make money, just sponsors.
  7. I've already sent the email Hopefully they'll just accept it, this is the third bug crash they've sent me back though
  8. Thanks for the reply. I think I'm going to ask them if I can just open it in the same page and if they don't accept it I'll try what your friend suggested.
  9. Hey there, I recently sold a game to Spil Games and they've come across a problem. On quite a few mobile devices, when ever you click on a button which opens a new tab that links to their website. When you go back onto the game, it doesn't respond at all. I'm using url_open_ext in Game Maker to open the url. I'm thinking it has something to do with the devices blocking popups, which freezes the game somehow. So how do you open url's, without it thinking it's a popup? Any help is much appreciated. You can play it at: Best Regards, Andrew
  10. Really liked the game mechanics and level design. It felt a bit random when the cannon balls disappeared though, you should try changing it so they get destroyed once they go outside of the screen and at no other time. Apart from that I had a lot of fun playing, I got to level 19 or 16 can't remember I got stuck because the cannon ball disappeared before I could jump on it every time Keep up the good work!
  11. Original, but after you figure out that you can just tap hold for a little bit release and repeat for as many times as you want and the score still goes up with out you getting bitten, it gets a little boring.
  12. That was great, I had a lot of fun playing it. The gameplay was really smooth and the graphics complemented it really well. One thing to note would be the lines which appear sometimes in the scenery when the camera moves about. Apart from that it was great fun. I'll make sure to follow the progress of this game. Good luck
  13. It looks awesome and has a nice concept. I'd love to have a shot when you release a html5 version.
  14. Yay, I finally completed it. It's one of those game where you nearly end up rage quitting because of how many times you die. One thing, I know it would be to much effort to do because the game is pretty much complete, but if I was making this game I would have added new things like moving obstacles and even things like rotten apples as the static scenery gets kind of boring after a while. Anyway great job on the game
  15. I hope you purchased an extended licence from pzUH or you won't be able to sell that game with those graphics to publishers.