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  1. All of our recent HTML5 games (including Dynamons 2) are based on OpenFL and work really well on mobile web browsers, you can see many examples on Kizi's mobile website. The latest OpenFL introduces WebGL rendering with a fallback to canvas, we however use a slightly older version which is canvas only, and i'm pretty sure the rendering part is based on Pixi.js
  2. Hey @icp We use the Haxe open source language with the OpenFL library and some of our own made libraries & tools we developed over the past several years. They enable us to develop mobile games for various platforms (HTML5/iOS/Android & more) with relative ease. I'm actually planning to write a more in-depth blog post in the near future describing our tools and frameworks we use to make games
  3. Hi! We’ve recently released a cross platform mobile and desktop game called Dynamons 2. We wrote an in-depth case study explaining the processes and thoughts behind the making of the game, from the initial client brief, and up to the conclusions we got after releasing the game. If you’re interested, you can read the case study about the making of Dynamons 2 here! Also, if anyone has any questions about the development process or our work in general, we’ll be happy to answer the best we can, and share from our experience. Thanks for reading and have fun!
  4. Thank you very much @mentuat for the kind words We’re glad our work was a factor in your decision to make HTML5 games, and such cool games too. Keep up the good work!
  5. Hey @ozdy, All games in our catalog are available for licencing. Some of the games in our portfolio section were developed as exclusive games, so for any specific inquiries please contact us through our website contact form or by mail. Thanks!
  6. Hey @True Valhalla, We have been creating HTML5 games for the past 4 years, and that has been our website's design for the past 3. While nicely done, rest assured we have not stolen nor copied any of your site content or design
  7. Hi! We are Double Duck Studio, creators of recently released games like Dynamons, Sneaky James and dozens more! In the past 4 years we’ve worked with various international brands & websites to deliver over 40 top-ranking games to millions of players worldwide. We want to introduce our new Licensing Catalog, where anyone can browse, try and buy our quality HTML5 games, available for a wide variety of devices and optimized for mobile. In addition to games licensing, we are always happy to discuss partnership for exclusive premium games. Our team can rebrand or reskin any game from our catalog, or create something completely new. Check our portfolio to view some of our previous work. We have many more games nearing completion, so feel free to subscribe here if you’d like to be notified when they are released or informed about exclusive deals. We are open for questions and requests either here or by mail. Thanks!
  8. Yep, we had some funding to make these games. We also look for publishing opportunities with other gaming/html5 portals, and not just Firefox OS.
  9. No, they didn't. The experience is quite good. Deploying/updating apps is extremely easy, and review times are super quick. Development is also nice, there's a desktop simulator that works pretty well. Debugging the device is done with adb, just like android devices. I didn't get very much into profiling tools, but I do know such tools exist.
  10. Hey guys, These games are actually not ported, but developed originally for HTML5. They are free to play, and we monetize by publishing deals.
  11. Hey guys, In the past year, we have worked on mobile html5 games, primarily for Firefox OS, and also for the Everything Home android launcher. All of them (24) use the CreateJS framework for canvas rendering, they were written with the Haxe cross-platform language. You can check them out in our website: (the latest two are not html5 games). We would be very grateful for reviews at the Firefox Marketplace. Cheers, Danny