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  1. Hi, I just want to show my latest little game I've made with Phaser for lowrez jam 2016. It's 64x64, scaled up to 128x128. Jam Entry Page: Play it here: I've made this game open source. Find my code here: Cheers casarock!
  2. Hi! I'm currently working on a prototype for some kind of endless runner like Jet PAck Joyride. I just want to have several Backgorund "stitched" together to have some kind of veriety (like Jetpack Joyride). There are three "buffers" holding a texture, slightly bigger than screen size. they are added as Sprites and I move them using decreasing x in my update function. If a buffer is out of sight, I'm changing the sprite texture and set new x. I've got a continuos scrolling background with changing patterns. This part works very good. All I want to ask: Am I on the right way or is this a performance killer? On Firefox 40 (OS X) I'm have just ~40-50FPS. Just scrolling backgrounds, nothing else added. Edit: Here is my actual result:
  3. Hi, I am using pandatool for building my project. Now I want to build and deploy a small thing made with panda. When I use panda buildIt creates the minified game.min.js. When I open the index.html in my browser and switch to Dev-Tools Networking Tab, I see it still loads src/engine/debug.js. This breaks my game when I package using cocoonjs ad I do not want to include the game engines sources. How do I avoid loading debug.js? I am using pandatoolikt V 1.12.1 (installed vie npm).
  4. Hi, I've rewritten the whole thing and I don't use emitters anymore, now I can controll everything I need to control
  5. Hi, I've seen that there is an onDestroy signal for Particles. I just tried some things, but I do not understand how to bind on a Phaser.signal? Anybody here who could give me an hint? I want to fire a callback function when a emitter ist "done". Is this possible?
  6. Hi, I've recently finished my January entry for 1Gam. A (stupid) little game I've written with Phaser, when I was ill Use WASD to control your tank and shoot antibiotics with SPACE to neutralize the green slimey things. Beware: You can not "win", survive as long as possible! Hint: Collect new medipacks to be sure you don't run out of ammo. It is frustrating and you can't win. Play it here:
  7. @enpu: That's it! Thank you!!
  8. Hi, here is my collision callback: collide: function(opponent) { this.randomVelocityY = this.getRandomVelocityY(); this.body.velocity.x *= -1; this.emmitParticles(16, 8); if (opponent.collisionGroup === 2) { game.scene.addScore(); }},When colide the x-velocity should be inverted. (Bounce from wall). My body definition is: this.body = new game.Body({ position: { x: x, y: y }, velocityLimit: { x: 1000, y: 1000 }, velocity: { x: this.velocityX, y: 0 }, collisionGroup: 1, collideAgainst: [0, 2], mass: 1.3 });CollisonGroup 0 body: this.body = new game.Body({ position: { x: x, y: y }, velocityLimit: { x: 150, y: 1000 }, velocity: { x: 0, y: 0 }, collisionGroup: 2, mass: 1.2});and collision group 2: this.wallBody = new game.Body({ position: { x: x + (this.wallSprite.width/2), y: y + (this.wallSprite.height/2) }, collisionGroup: 0, mass: 0});
  9. When I've updated collisions callback between two bodys is being fire several times. Before 1.12 is just got called once. What exactly has been changed? Is there any info where I shoudl start debugging? Or do I have to debounce the collision callback? Thanks!
  10. I've written a short blog post about using Web APIs in a Phaser Game. It uses DeviceOrientation, DeviceLight and Vibration API. Maybe someone gets inspired
  11. As a game is painting the whole screen at each frame, you should simply stop drawing this line. You don't have to care about removing something. The update-method of Phaser clears the canvas and draws everything you want at the next frame. This is a common technique for games. Hiere you'll find more information about a common game loop: And more infos about common patterns are here: just read it online or get it as ebook or printed book.
  12. Hi, there are some WebAPIs which could help. First Screen Orientation Lock: It's experimental but available at some Browsers/Devices. You could check the aspect ratio, too. Take a look at Richs mobile Template. Second: There is a WebAPI for Device Orientation and Device Motion. But support is limited, too: I've used Device Orientation and some other APIs for a #altctrl Jam entry this year: The video shows, it works perfect on a FirefoxOS device. Everything is implemented with Phaser. Sources here: Maybe this helps a bit.
  13. Hi, I've figured out, that using a TTF-Based text on a Firefox Device causes terrible slowdowns! Maybe it's the same problem when using Phonegap?
  14. Hi, you can find my boiler plate, based on Grunt, here: I'm using it for all my projects. Cheers!