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  1. Judging from the lack of alternatives, it looks like this is the way to go then. You don't happen to have a collection for common browser/OS workarounds handy, or do you?
  2. We're using phaser.text. Also you can test it for yourself here: http://hypnoticowl.com/games/the-wizard/play/ We're currently using Phaser v2.0.7 and I'm thinking about upgrading, but I doubt that this is the problem.
  3. Yeah, it sure feels that way. I've uploaded the game to Newgrounds and will upload it to Kongregate shortly. Then I will reduce the price to $1000 and see if something changes. We spoke to one (midcore) publisher, who was very interested and offered us a 50/50 deal, claiming this was an exceptional good deal and we should accept it right then and there. I lack the business experience to judge if this was actually a good deal, but being pressured like that, I knew I didn't want to work with them, no matter how good the deal. Since launch we've gotten so much data it actually overexerted
  4. We consciously decided not to add randomness, especially when it comes to the damage. That would break the puzzle-aspect of the game
  5. Yeah, we planned to win the Tizen Challenge at first and when that didn't work out we looked for alternatives to earn money with it. We tried to find a sponsor or publisher for a while, but didn't get an offer that made us happy. However when we decided to sell non-exclusives, we did expect to make some money with it. Maybe we'll have to decrease the price after all Thanks! We had a sound designer to help us with the sound effects All in all I think it took us about 4 months, but there were a couple of breaks, so it's hard to say.
  6. We did. I've send like dozen mails, but those who were interested didn't want to pay more than $500 for a HTML5 game. There was one exception, an offer over $1250, which maybe we should have taken. But we really didn't want to go below $1500 and still don't, because we think it's worth that much.
  7. Unfortunately, no. At least not yet. It seems like the game is too expensive for an unusual game, so publisher might be too afraid to take the risk. We've just added the game to the FGL Game Shop and switched to non-exclusives on Game Brokerage, today, so maybe this will change now.
  8. Haha, yeah we'll see how this works out at the end. We have already received 2 donations Also, nice find, rich! Hadn't seen this article, yet.
  9. The game can now be played on our website! We also added a donate button and made the soundtrack available for generous donors
  10. How flattering! Basically we're afraid that nobody would try it and see how good it actually is, because we're still unknown. Also, it's not very long with about 2-4h (not counting hard difficulty). But if it garners enough interest, we'll make a longer sequel, that will probably cost a few $
  11. Hey there, guys and gals! I'm Jan of Hypnotic Owl and I'm proud to announce July 23rd as the release date for our first bigger project, The Wizard! The Wizard is a quirky, turn-based dungeon puzzler with an unique spell casting system, lovely 16bit-look and high-quality soundtrack. You play as the exceptionally handsome but uneducated wizard Kevin, whose good looks have just been stolen. The pursuit of the mysterious thief leads you down to the dangerous dungeons underneath the wizard academy. There you'll encounter mythical monsters, discover powerful spell gestures and improve your newf
  12. I've got the same problem. There is also an issue on git regarding this bug: https://github.com/photonstorm/phaser/issues/863
  13. If you ask yourself "Why would I want to make a Flappy Bird clone?": Flappy Jam, that's why http://www.palmentieri.it/somepx/flappyjam/
  14. You can cast in every direction. To do that you have to turn the spell pattern in that direction.The patterns found in the spellbook are for example pointing the spell to the right.
  15. Hey folks, this took a little longer then expected, but I think you will enjoy the updates. We have changed a lot of things a little bit, as you will see, so I'll just highlight the changes that were made due to your feedback: Game is now playable on safariRemoved Level-Stats on death. Level is directly restarted insteadAdded special cases for the tutorial hints, so it's not possible to get stuck with an obsolete hintWe also did some experiments using "real gestures" to cast spells and changing the effect of the shock spell so it's easier to understand how to use it. Unfortunately both exper
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