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  1. Might be, Id like to! (Ive entered a few times in the past with 3D games) Ive got 4 game ideas I could potentially work with - depending on the theme ofc, which could all be made using Phaser.
  2. Good stuff. Just getting into Phaser myself, so its nice to see some actual workflow and coding in realtime, very helpful to see how other people work with Phaser. And for a youtube playlist, click the arrow next to your channel avatar on the very top-right of the screen to show the drop-down menu. Select 'video manager' and on the mid-left of that screen youll see a list of sections for the video manager (should be on Uploads by default to begin with). From there you can select Playlists, which will bring up the options to create a new playlist and manage which videos are where. Hope that
  3. (Primarily a Linux user) I've used Eclipse a bit in the past, but for most of my work I've recently used Kate (KDE) which is super basic but is stable enough and nice enough to get the job done. This week though, I've been giving Sublime Text 2 a go for the first time and I'm loving it. Some very nice features and the smoothest/sleekest text editor Ive ever used and it looks great. $70 is a bit rich for me, but the free version appears to have all the same features, the only setback is very occasionally it will ask if you want to buy the registered version - something which I might do a few
  4. Heard a lot of good things about construct 2, might need to try it at some point. But yeh, I started out with Flash (back in the days of Flash 8 and FlashMX), then moved onto 3D game dev with Blenders Game Engine (the BGE) which is what I still mostly use - not HTML5 game engines though, I know (is this thread just restricted to html5 engines? - idk) Getting into Phaser now because I'm wanting to try out some little 2D browser/mobile games. Wanting to give Unity a go at some point as well, and probably WebGL too... Too many game engines, not enough time!
  5. Good to see this engine/framework getting so many regular updates and attention. Looking forward to seeing all of the new examples in the near future too.
  6. Ahh, I see. Excellent http://localhost & both work as needed. Thanks for that -Alex
  7. Yeh I should have mentioned, somewhat opens things up to security risks... How is this done? I'm not overly familiar with running code from a locally hosted server. Not using the -allow-file-access enabled command would certainly make life easier.
  8. Ahu! The chrome console printed out something helpful 'phaser-min.js:1Cross-origin image load denied by Cross-Origin Resource Sharing policy.' Which is, I believe, attributed to what youre saying Rich. I found a solution via google - starting chrome with the command 'google-chrome --allow-file-access-from-files' All is working now, cheers everyone.
  9. Hey guys New to phaser and this forum, and Ive now run into my first issue! Tonight I've been working though the typescript 'getting started' page, setting up my phaser game-dev environment on Ubuntu 13.04. I have apache2, php and mysql working, with the default test page in /var/www running fine (basically have LAMP setup and running). I'm stuck however, trying to run the hellophaser demo. The canvas comes up as completely black, no logo or anything. Not sure whats gone wrong... Heres how it looks: If anyone has any suggestions, that would be great. I'll keep working at it, to see if I
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