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  1. Ok I get it. Thank you. So if I want the body to move along the texture I have to make the sprite moving. Like an usual ground I'll have to make sprite move to the left border of the screen and then set its position to the right border of the screen again and again.
  2. I think you'll need to give us a little more code than this. It could really help to see some code.
  3. Hi there, I'm using the method autoScroll on my sprite to make it the ground of my game, see This work great for the displayed sprite but not for its body. Its body is not moving and so the body doesn't match the displayed sprite, as this one is scrolling. Look here the result, I display the body of each sprite to see the problem. Is there a way, I mean something already existing, to make the same behavior I got on the sprite but on the body on the sprite? I might guess that there is no solution other to do it myself but I ask anyway, just in case.
  4. Ok didn't know that was available for every platform. Thanks Odk.
  5. Don't think it's possible to do so. It's an Android service so not available on desktop browser IMHO.
  6. Hi everyone, I'm struggling with Tiled right now to use this assets or this assets to create a map. I failed to make a map as the provided examples, or Is it even possible to achieve this kind of display with this sprites?
  7. Kenney assets pack is very great. Lots of stuff and for a very cheap price, at least a share on social network for having the whole of it.
  8. Great it's working, and in a much clearer way.
  9. Nice thanks. I was wondering what kinematic is. I'll try this at noon.
  10. Hi, I'm playing around with P2.js and I wanted to know if it's possible to display the collision area between two sprite. I want to display little explosion right on the collision point, to make collision a bit more real. In the collision callback I'm getting the two collided sprites, a Rectangle and a Convex. There is just height and width in the Rectangle. Am I missing something?
  11. Yes it woork. I put 9999 on the sprites and 1 on my player. DIdn't thought about dealing with mass to resolve my issue. Thanks.
  12. HI everyone, I have sprites that have their own trajectory in the world. They have to move like this no matter what happened. But with P2 collision when my player collide with them they are deviated, player move them. I can't make them static because they are moving. I want the player be deviated by them but not the other way round. Is it even possible? And if yes how? Thanks.
  13. There is already a plugin for pathfinding using A* Maybe the both plugin can be merged into only one as they use the same method. Having two plugin available for the exact feature is a little bit over 9000, isn't it?.
  14. Maybe you can load a default file and change it when you need. A little like for displaying sprite, you can display a sprite but when you need it change the image that goes in this sprite. Or for the frame of a sprite, you can change it when displaying.
  15. As @photonstorm said once it's not possible yet as pixi.js doesn't include this feature, but maybe in the future it will be possible to manage multiple cameras.