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  1. Anybody received payment from them yet ?
  2. Anybody received payment from them yet ?
  3. @theweirdn8 Hi 1)Is this going to be always free ? Or are you plan to charge for "Pro" feature or something ? 2)How about monetization (IAP, Admob, Chartboost etc) ? 3)Facebook/Twitter/G+ share , highscore ? 4)Please add Spriter support please. 5)Is this only for 2D games ? Thumbs up!
  4. http://overlap2d.com/ Alternative to tiled for level editor.
  5. @Booty5 Would like to request that you add -optional 2d level editor from here http://overlap2d.com/ (just open sourced) -Support scml -2d lighting
  6. Hi @ozdy Would be great if you could share or make detail tutorials regarding this topic(audio,monetization,publishing,tips and etc). Would really help us a lot. Thanks
  7. Haha. Unity just announced Unity5 Personal Edition(free, less crippled). Competition is goooooooddddd http://unity3d.com/get-unity
  8. No more subscriptions. The game engine support HTML5. https://www.unrealengine.com/blog/ue4-is-free
  9. Yup it is loaded fine. I had to rotate the phone few times to get it to center. Still a bit slow. Maybe my old galaxy s3 ?
  10. It is on latest stable chrome 40. Im using galaxy s3 but on kitkat 4.4.4 (custom rom). The demo seems slow a bit. Did you test on crosswalks also? Anyway the editor seems really amazing. Good job.
  11. Hi Tested the demo on my galaxy s3 and all i got is just the background shown. No animations or any objects. Potrait and landscape. **Oppss spoke too soon. Now it is shown correctly after i refreshed few times. But it is not smooth. (webgl enabled)
  12. @hafo We can publish to IOS, Android, Chrome OS and Firefox in just one click ? Meaning I dont need a Mac to publish to IOS if I'm using WiMi5 ?
  13. Check if your games are here. http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/11583-people-are-stealing-content-from-nugplay-or-nuggeta-beware/
  14. I would suggest holding out from uploading to nugplay or nuggeta until they improve and resolve their security. I already reported to luciano and he mentions that even their own game is stolen and published to IOS store by some chinese. All of my uploaded games are stolen. To see if your game is stolen do this. http://flash1.7k7k.com/h5/2014/replacewithyourgamename/game.html Replace the bold text with your game title, lower case and without space. There are no ads so these guys can easily upload your own game in all platform using wrapper. I think if you just upload your game this
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