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  1. @Temechon I understand about the CocoonJS console error log thing . Like I said before, there is no error in error log, everything is loading just fine(need to remove handjs since it has reference to DOM). But somehow the screen is just greyish and didnt draw the sphere which is odd. When played on desktop browser it is ok.
  2. Will it work for CocoonJS or Ejecta ?
  3. @Temechon There is no error log. Just the greyish empty screen. I guess it wont work for now..
  4. Tried this tutorial zip file. https://github.com/BabylonJS/Babylon.js/wiki/01---Basic-scene removed handjs since that rely on DOM or else it will display error in the CocoonJS console. zip and run in CocoonJS launcher. All I got is just greyish screen. There is no sphere or anything. Anybody can confirm that Babylonjs can work with CocoonJS ? Any help please. Thanks
  5. @Boris van Schooten Impressive work. Hopefully you can make it work for Construct 2 users.
  6. @Boris van Schooten Well the technology is still new, but Construct 2 game already support it for developing multiplayer game. I hope you can reconsider this. Also any plan for Webaudio openal binding ? The game demo apk that I downloaded from your website seems to have input bug when I tested on my galaxy s3. Kinda like touch offset bug. I`m impressed with the progress.
  7. @Boris van Schooten Can you add support for webrtc , admob and IAP , Google Play services ?
  8. @JCPalmer Alright. Thanks for the reply.
  9. I understand about the webgl in browser, but does BabylonJS works when wrapped in CocoonJS wrapper and submitted to Apple Store and Google Play Store ?
  10. Anybody want to share their experiences with Nuggeta ? How much did you got ? How about the traffic ?
  11. Does it support IAP, Admob, Game Center etc ?
  12. Thank you. I was hoping they included webrtc though. Maybe ios9
  13. @rich Can you post html5test.com scores or better screenshots? Does it support: -webrtc -audio format supported type.
  14. @Nuggeta How do we monetize from Nuggeta ?
  15. @Alexander Agreed with @fatalfluff, It would be great if we know the break down of devices.
  16. @amaarweb not sure if CocoonJS support scale inner. But I can confirmed that it does support Scale Outer in CocoonJS.
  17. Set the parallax to 0,0 You can check my games here http://gila2games.com/wp/?page_id=134
  18. @yogert96 , already sent him emails and also messages to kik messenger few days and weeks ago . Still pending. Usually my games just need around 2-3 days to be approved. Kinda strange.
  19. @ben0 Would you mine share your game links from Chrome Web Store ?
  20. @goldenratio Are your games approved already ? Mine has been pending for 1 month already. Whats up with ClayIO ?
  21. Hi plicatibu, mind share your mobile and arcade site links ?