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  1. @plicatibu Hi. May i know what is your traffic ?
  2. You're welcome Daymond. Are you a Construct 2 user ?
  3. Thank you for your feedback.
  4. @rich and everyone else who plans on using adsense in their HTML5 games https://developers.google.com/games/web https://services.google.com/fb/forms/adsensegames/ It is for flash game only and only for games with high volumes. (no 3 in the requirements list)
  5. Hi @Mirko Sertic Interesting stuff.
  6. Thanks @AhmedElyamani @aladine Noted about the 7sec delay. Probably next time I`ll try to detect if its not played in mobile browser I`ll disabled the 7sec delay or layout.
  7. Wow. Be patient man. Some short answer for your questions.(I have to be quick. Sorry) Resolution:320x480 Scaling: Scale Outer (Dont forget to change or check the Parallax value <- this would highly depend on your games, so just experiment) Check orientation: Use Browser Object , then check Is Landscape or Is Potrait : (Then show hidden layer for user to Rotate Screen) One of the popular ad network that I'm using is Leadbolt Search Scirra forum for Iframe plugin(Pode HTML5 Plugin) to use leadbolt ad network. For fullscreen, you need to do "On Touch End->Browser ->Request Fullscreen->Scale Outer. But for me it seems not working on all browser. Currently only Chrome on Android. Extra Some publisher requires that you seperate text from image so that they can easily localize your game to other region. So you need to search Scirra forum for "Load JSON plugin" and load all your game text from JSON file. For api, its either you learn to develop plugins or you can use Browser Object to execute Javascript Some publisher require you to add Site Lock, for this you need add list of domain for you to sitelock into Dictionary Object, and at start of layout use Browser Object to read the domain and if it is not in the dictionary go to blank layout with "Site Locked" text. For audio use audacity and make sure that your audio is stereo. And maybe downgrade it to 11kHz or 22kHz For extra performance disable "Use High DPI display" in project settings. For scaling(Scale Outer) just decorate the outer layout with some not important stuff like trees or something. If you go to Scirra forums some really dont like scale outer so you have to experiment on that. For me I design my game using above settings. Some example you can check though is http://tumira.byethost7.com/MunchieBob/ I tested on Ipad4 , Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 1. I didnt set the game to really fullscreen. But I did fill up the screen nicely without black bars.(Hopefully though ) Hope this helps. **Quick question, why you didnt ask this question in Scirra forums ?
  8. Well you successfully hijack someone thread and make it all about you again. I dont want to waste my time with you again. Happy holiday.
  9. Hi True Valhalla. Thank you for your feedback. My answer for you is : Yes and No. I admit I got the idea for the mechanics of the cupcakes from one of your game . But to call my game not original and blatant clone of your game is just plain wrong. Since most of your game mechanics also is just another copy of Chip's Challenge or Chuck's challenge game that was invented in 1980s . (I played the game when I was a kid) To be honest I was trying to make the game more of Chip's Challenge clone than your game. And most puzzle(top down) game on the site and App Store or Android copies the idea or mechanic of Chip's Challenge. Since that is really a great game. Some of the Chips Challenge remake using javascript http://www.chebucto.ns.ca/~af380/CHIP/JSChipDocs.html I hope you are happy with my answer.
  10. Hi. Sorry about that. Actually the 7 seconds is for displaying the ads. If you play it via mobile browser, leadbolt ads will be displayed.
  11. Hi This game was built using Construct 2. The assets was done using Inkscape. It was fun doing a puzzle game, the toughest one was when doing the level design. I dont want the game to be too easy, but I dont want it to be too difficult. Hope you enjoy it as much as how I enjoyed designing this game. The game has about 30 levels. http://tumira.byethost7.com/MunchieBob/
  12. Hi I've been developing games for few months. So I have met with few sponsors and made a deal for licensing, rev share and some sponsors just get the game for free but I can integrate my own ads (leadbolt). So far I got a good or average revenue from leadbolt. Around 33k impression a day and few thousand clicks for one game for one day, and usually revenue is around 3-9 USD for one day. This is just for one sponsor with multiple portals though. But I was thinking about advertising my own game to increase the traffic a little more. Has anybody done this ? Can anybody share some info about how much that you spent and the traffic improvements that you get before doing the advertising ? Just to be clear I`m talking about advertise with leadbolt (your app or game will appear in the leadbolt banner or wall) not about integrating leadbolt ads into your game. Regards
  13. I`m surprised that Boostermedia ad revenue is actually lower for you ? Wow. How many games are in your Leadbolt statistic ?
  14. @Alexander So audio in games is not really that important ? About Google Web Font. Do the game need to download it during runtime or we can download the font and just package it together with the game so that the user wont need to download the font again at runtime ? What do you think about Sprite Font ?
  15. FirefoxOS currently is for low budget phone, you have to be careful on the memory usage and etc when designing your game. Good luck.
  16. Hi Are you talking about HTML5 wrapped in something like CocoonJS or just a web HTML5 game ? For web it all depends on the browsers feature, webgl, WebAudio Api, 2dcanvas acceleration and so on. HTML5 game will probably lack performance of native app like 25%-50%. It all depends on your game. If you want smooth 2d animation you might want to explore Spriter or Spine. If you want to sell it to Google Play or App Store then you should explore CocoonJS which should increase your game performance alot.
  17. Hi all. Just want to update, I`ve uploaded my game Bobo Jump few weeks ago, but yet to received any sponsor. Got total 11 views. Some of them even played the game for about more than 30 minutes. But when I browse to the sponsor website seems like they are mainly for flash games. So I guess I have to wait and see..
  18. Hi . How about other game engine like Construct 2, do you accept it ?
  19. Interesting feature. Might be using it for my next game.
  20. The list of eligibility or countries for this contest are really disappointing. https://developer.tizen.org/contests/tizen-app-challenge/terms-and-conditions
  21. Hi Just submitted my first game to FGL . Will update if got any good news. Though, one question is when registering my web app, they also asked for an apk file if I have it. Does this mean HTML5 game wrapped with CocoonJS ? Anybody tried it ?