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  1. theres actually a official tilemap raycast example
  2. i use brackets.io
  3. try changing ".collide" to ".overlap" that way as long as the two object are touching the function will trigger for getting back to back input you could do something similar to this but you might have to tweak it a little for phaser you could have a boolean control your message toggle(i think thats that you want) function cmscrr(compscrn, player) { if (Akey.isDown) { SignMssg = true; mssg = game.add.sprite(0, 0, 'message'); } else if (z.isDown && SignMssg === true) { SignMssg = false; mssg.kill(); }}above code was quickly typed and not tested
  4. hmm i'm using 2.0.3 and the if statement works as long as i'm colliding/touching the sign (i don't have to be simultaneously pressing buttons). are you using ".overlap" or ".collide"? it would help if you could post a piece of the code to give us an example of what's going on.
  5. you could add a if statement in your collision function // if player collides with signSignHandler: function (player, Sign) { // if player clicks A/ActionButton button while colliding with sign if (this.ActionButton.isDown) // || A.isDown { // do stuff here } }of you could add a if statement right in your update function // if player collides with sign// if player clicks A/ActionButton button while colliding with signif(this.game.physics.arcade.overlap(this.player,this.sign) && this.ActionButton.isDown ){ // do stuff here }i hope that helps
  6. i love the graphics! very fun too
  7. Heres my game. Im considering it done but it could still use ALOT of work. Collision detection seriously wasn't on my side with this one which seriously put me hours behind.
  8. im using arcade physics and i need to turn of my lava group gravity, the sprites i created using tiled keeps falling but i need them to stay in place. here is the code i tried this.lavaGroup.forEach(function(L){ L.body.allowGravity = false; }, this);
  9. im having the same problem on one of my games >_< sometimes my player even falls through the floor and moves around like a shark lol
  10. i got the "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '2' of undefined" error when i rotated a tile in my map editor. maybe thats whats causing your problem? if so its a simple fix
  11. im no longer colliding with invisible blocks but im still randomly falling through the floor and running through tiles.
  12. Im using 2.0 arcade physics for a platformer i'm making but my player keeps colliding with invisible overhead tiles , running through tiles ,and sinking into the floor. I've tried changing around numbers in my setCollisionBetween and setCollisionByExclusion but collision detection is all over the place. I never really ran into this problem with the earlier phasers. Its to the point where the game is kinda unplayable. The links below are to hastebin.com Here is my tilemap.json. I only want the player to collide with "ground"And here is my actual game code game.js is there anything i can do to fix this?
  13. i use brackets code editor so i never have to run a local host all i do is click "preview" to run my code and test my game
  14. im using arcade and for my game i had to use player.body.onFloor()the starstruck example game uses this
  15. kass

    Game Scaling

    you can also use css to scale the game canvas. i added a button in one of my games that allows the user to pick a canvas size , and i had the default canvas size set using media queries. here is a quick example i threw together, i used html buttons, and jquery but you can do the same thing using phaser, for a settings menu etc. look at example