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  1. Well nonetheless there both equally as enjoyable.
  2. I think calculus could be taught in a risk reward type game in the form of a dating sim. Here's an odd example; Let's say we have a character that's trying to get from point A to point B (the location of their date) but has a couple of optional routes that link to the point B. The player can then determine the distance each route covers, and then take the first derivative for the speed of the character and then take the second derivative to find the acceleration. Using the following information the player can choose the pathway they think is the quickest way to meet their goal. The earlier they arrive the happier there partner is or the later they arrive the more mad they get. Or maybe even more options such as buying a gift beforehand and calculating if you will have enough cash to pay off the bill for your date. The following example is one way I can think of from the top of my head. But then again many people don't play dating sim's but I think there would be other ways to involve education. The only problem I see is finding people willing to sponsor educational games at a higher degree such as university or college.
  3. I guess it has been growing.
  4. "It does not use WebGL" Wow, that is quite impressive. But if we were to have something like this for mobile phones, wouldn't the cpu usage be kinda high?
  5. Were you the one that created "Don't Touch the Lava"? I remember seeing this game a couple months back. Don't Touch the Lava:
  6. CrStar

    Unity WebGL demos

    -Ignore this post- I answered my own question.
  7. Oh, I didn't realize that rich already posted this. I guess I should be more active on the forums.
  8. I came across an article in which Unity plans to invest time into supporting web publishing. It seems that it requires webgl which may be an issue for older devices that don't support it but other then that it seems more then possible.This form of web publishing would remove the hassle of downloading the unity web player and allows cross-platform. That way players wouldn't have to download the unity web player to test out games. The official post can be found here: It is currently possible to convert unity games to HTML5. I thought I would point it out for anyone interested in unity in the future. Here's the link on the topic of how to currently export to html5 for unity made games:
  9. yep, your right my bad. I was rushing when I wrote that message. Mainly unity can build a swf file in which all scripts can be converted to actionscript. Its not a real programming language available within unity.
  10. @odzy Marketjs has mainly become a portfolio site now. I really don't see the point in anyone posting their games especially since the premium games are the only ones available for testing. I can't even find any information about the other games. I like the website layout but I don't think many will get sales from their portal, except for the website owners themselves since you can only test premium games, and find only the premium licensing information.
  11. Turning 20 in a couple of months
  12. CrStar