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  1. Played it on my galaxy victory 4glte and it worked great. I had originally played it on my computer, and I thought it was really easy because when you release left and right it stops moving and is much easier to control. Fun game. Nice look to it too.
  2. I've been playing this game for a couple days now and I can say that it is dope as hell. Like it's seriously the galactic strategy MMO board game that I've always wanted. There are things that try to achieve similar goals as this game but they are all focused on monetization, and so the strategy takes a back seat to anyone who wants to pay money to win. Here, the strategy is clearly the main focus of the game. It's very complicated. There is a LOT to know. Diplomacy, trade, production and war have all been given painstaking attention and in a way that using strategic creativity combine
  3. Looks beautiful Had no problems with either version on my galaxy victory 4glte, performance was fine. same with chrome desktop. I'd recommend displaying the critters health on the screen somewhere. I thought that each drop hit was = to one life but I guess it takes a couple hits to lose a life? so yeah that'd be more clear if there was a health indicator. it's very pretty.
  4. Agreed. brightened a bit. Updated pics
  5. Thanks for advice AAG I totally agree with everything you said right there. I took one look at the menu with that in mind and was like "who the hell authorized this?!" lol So I made some pretty drastic changes to the color scheme and menu with hopes of making everything seem more correct. I also made the bounding box a lot smaller on the penguicopter and I think that the difficulty might be set to an actually reasonable level Your criticisms were spot on thank you. Mind telling me what you think of the new changes?
  6. I switched up the settings on mhtml5 optimized object. how's it looking now? I have no idea what the control issue could be... did it happen consistently or sporadically?
  7. Hey fellas. I updated the game with a lot of little changes while trying to get it to work on the iphone4 It works on that now, but I'd like to hear how it works on your other devices thanks!
  8. Thanks mentuat I switched up the interface so it could be used without the bottom portion of the screen. could you test is out for me?
  9. And boom mHTML5 optimized is implemented into my game. Works great and was super easy to implement. Thanks for the feedback Ahmed!
  10. Tonight I completed my second game. Idea evolved from an old flash game that I used to play called "Monkey Lander". This game features: 36 Levels Fantastic home made graphics Addicting gameplay http://diceordie.com/Games/TPH/penguin.html I would be very very very grateful if you guys would test my game on your devices and then post the result and the name of the phone or tablet you were using. Hope you like it!
  11. Great game you should called it "LumbearJack" Ran really smoothly on my galaxy victory 4glte with no resizing or address bar issues. In the second round the background dissapeared for me. Nothing else changed you could still see the lumber and stuff just no background. Great job this is a nice one.
  12. Very nice. Ran without a hitch on my galaxy victory 4glte well polished. graphics look nice and the text problem I had in poke the bubble doesn't happen here.
  13. Nice game. Graphics look nice and professional except for on my phone the font for the score was pixelated and discolored like so: Gameplay was good except for a few things. 1) ran slowly at the start of each game and then sped up when less bubbles were on the screen. 2)It took me a long time to figure out how the life system works and the details are still sketchy. "Why did I lose?" Is not really a question the player should be asking IMO. Maybe you should add a tutorial or something to make it more clear. Anyways it looks professional and is fun and simple. tested with my galaxy v
  14. @Funkyy I might do that, but I was thinking of keeping it as more of a bejeweledy type arcade game so it maybe doesn't need a story? I could put some context story before it starts though maybe... that could be a good idea... @ Ahmed Elaymani: Thanks so much for the info, apparently it also doesn't work on an iphone 4 so that's annoying /: apparently on the iphone4 it works and loads everything until they press the start button and then it just skips the game room. Yugh. I did come up with the concept myself by the way, I'm pretty proud of it haha
  15. Gah, fine I'll buy a website called diceordie.com for three years in order to display this game lol http://diceordie.com/Games/Decrypter/decrypter.html Working now?
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