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  1. Just a couple of quick questions! - I remember reading a long time ago that Phaser 3 would be a modular engine, that would allow things like using a different renderer from the one provided. Is that the case? - Does Phaser 3 currently support shaders? If not, are there any future plans about it? Thank you!
  2. Apparently it's just the Pixi CanvasPool that grows according to the number of characters that have to be rendered at once. If it becomes a problem (and it was for me with 1200 characters that were used in one state only) clearing the pool manually when necessary works just fine: while(PIXI.CanvasPool.pool.length > 0) { let elem = PIXI.CanvasPool.pool.pop(); elem.parentNode = null; elem = null; }
  3. Steps to reproduce: - Force Phaser to CANVAS - Display a tinted bitmapText string - Clear game cache, purge glyphs, and remove any reference to that bitmapText - See in a debugger how 1 instance of HTMLCanvasElement and 1 of CanvasRenderingContext2D remains allocated in memory for each character the string was made of (a 100 characters string will produce 100 istances of each) I'm using tinted text extensively in my game, so I'm trying to fix the issue in Phaser, but still can't track down and destroy those rogue canvases. Any hint on how to do a temporary fix would be much appreciated! Here's a code snippet in Typescript: module TestModule { export class Game extends Phaser.Game { constructor() { super(800, 600, Phaser.CANVAS, 'content', null); this.state.add('BitmapTextLevel', BitmapTextLevel, true); } } export class BitmapTextLevel extends Phaser.State { text : Phaser.BitmapText; firstUpdate : boolean = false; preload() { this.game.load.baseURL = 'http://examples.phaser.io/assets/'; this.game.load.crossOrigin = 'anonymous'; this.game.load.bitmapFont('desyrel', 'fonts/bitmapFonts/desyrel.png', 'fonts/bitmapFonts/desyrel.xml'); } update() { if (!this.firstUpdate) { this.text = this.game.add.bitmapText(0, 100, "desyrel", "***.***.***.***.*40*.***.***.***.***.***"); this.text.tint = 1000000; this.time.events.loop(1000, this.changeTint, this); this.time.events.add(10000, this.clearCache, this); this.firstUpdate = true; } } changeTint() { if (this.text) { this.text.tint = this.game.rnd.integerInRange(100000, 1000000); } } clearCache() { this.text.purgeGlyphs(); this.text.destroy(); this.game.cache.destroy(); this.text = null; } } }
  4. poncle

    Jelly Collapse

    GalaxyS2 : great, no sfx but you know about it already =) iPhone4 iOS6 : just perfect
  5. On 4.1.2 WebGL is available and games work great even on a GalaxyS2 on both Chrome and stock browser, so I don't get what that means, unless they are going backwards.
  6. WebGL is not supported by the standard browser on S2. All my games but one work fine on it.
  7. Could anyone please try the game on any iOS device? I'm using an emulator, but it has issues with transparency. Thanks!
  8. Tried again, the link worked today. Chrome on GalaxyS2: playable only in portrait mode, in landscape the controls are outside the screen. Safari on iPhone4S iOS7: playable in portrait mode, in landscape instead iOS7 gives the usual headaches.
  9. Thank you very much for all the testing, I cannot reproduce the problem in any way though. The only thing I can think of is the OS, tried on anything but ubuntu.
  10. poncle

    Star Rocket

    On Chromium there are some artifacts on the background images, you can see a line where the image ends. It happens only when you're interpolating colors for textures. The game is really straightforward, but a tutorial is always welcomed for most players.
  11. I like the graphics, I felt like I was playing with a graphic glitch or something ( I'm a MissingNo fan ). 5 minutes don't feel enough to reach the goal, but I suppose I should explore more and find the shops.
  12. (2nd HTML5 game) Swipe your fingers on the screen to cut the viruses, but do not harm the white cells! Try Virus Break here! I'm really curious to know how it performs on devices, it's almost smooth on Chrome on Galaxy S2 despite the amount of draw calls and particle effects. You can use multitouch on devices. Audio is OFF by default. EDIT: posted by accident while writing the topic title...
  13. Chrome on Galaxy S2: perfectly smooth