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  1. Chrome updated to 58 - and it is working again... Strange...
  2. Thanks for your reply. Yes I think it is no general problem that affects everybody after updating. Maybe it is GPU related? I am using a NVIDIA GeForce 450... Thanks, Alex
  3. Hi, after updating chrome (57.0.2987.110) all pixi examples with pixi version <= 3 are not working anymore. (= The animation/render loop is updating in the background but I don't see the updated picture. Only during changing the size of the browser window I see the updates ... No errors in the console.) e.g. Bunny isn't rotating anymore. The same example with pixi v4 is working. What could be the reason for that or what part from pixi v4 could be fixing that issue? Thanks, Alex
  4. is still flickering with v54 (and Samsung S2) What's the difference between the two jsfiddles? @Kanthi: Did you already report the bug? Thanks, alex
  5. Hi, yes the stock browser with very new android versions can play webaudio (because that stock browser is more or less a older chrome version I think...). But there are some devices + android versions - maybe like your s4 - that tell you that they can play webaudio, but it doesn't really work (no sound, crashes,... ). So I think you have to exclude such devices manually and force the audio tag. Alex
  6. I have a problem like that when I am using a thick outline + some specific fonts. I think adding context.lineJoin = 'round'; when drawing the outline should fix the problem... Thanks, Alex
  7. Tried it and it seems to work like expected... Why did this take so long apple??
  8. >>but you're not alone Good to know Maybe I can describe my problem a little more in detailed: I think the problem with the wrong innerHeight started some time ago - maybe with firefox 23... First I tried to ignore the resize event. But this wasn't a good solution and I changed the body height to 'auto' - before that it was >100% because of an safari/ios issue - So this wrong(?) resize event wasn't triggered anymore and I was happy. But now the resize event is triggered again and causing again some trouble...
  9. Hi, I have a problem with the latest firefox (android) release. I seems that the innerheight is wrong and reports the size of the whole window without the adressbar - but the adressbar is still visible... e.g. s4 in landscape mode: starting game with innerheigt 287 (seems okay) than I am getting a resize event and now the innerheight is 335 (would be correct if the top/adress bar disappeard, but it is still there...) (using <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=1.0, user-scalable=no">) Maybe the error is somewhere else and my code is wrong but it works for chrome, stock browser and safari (ios)... Thanks, alex
  10. First of all: thanks for pixi.js! This kind of stuff is rather new to me so maybe this is a stupid question: Is it possible to render only a part of the canvas? e.g. If I know that only elements of a single displaycontainer have changed: Can I repaint only this displaycontainer? Regards, alex