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  1. It's always been a pleasure working with Ilya (Volkov studio company); a few of our recent collaborations include a matching game, a stacking game, an adventure/platform game, a swimming game, a racing game.. you can name anything or genre and Ilya can do it. Audio is an important element of making your game come to life. And Ilya can do that.
  2. Hi!, We've made Kizi Kart, a pseudo 3D racing game using Phaser & Typescript. It was quite a challenge, but we are very happy with how it turned out. http://www.gamedistribution.com/games/kizi-kart
  3. Could be nice as an .io game
  4. Unity not persé, but WebGL yes. As WebGL is increasingly getting popular under (mobile) casual games, i believe it should have its sub-section on the forum. Large Unity games of course do not fit entirely. But if Unity improves their mobile WebGL support, it should not be underestimated as a great tool for mobile WebGL creation. So, WebGL has my yes vote.
  5. Please Add Keygames.com as well!
  6. Thats true. We have over 10.000 games on our portals. We're also interested in buying games for a fixed license fee. Please mail your games to games@keygamesnetwork.com
  7. Thanks Funkyy! 1) We can do both based on a revenue share. 2) Yes: http://goo.gl/KX6W47 3) Together with our other portals over 5 million unique users a month. A single game could get around 25.000 gameplays if popular. 4) Yes. 5) - Do you have an adblocker running? Cause that would cause the games to be stuck on the preloader. - If not; would you remember which game you were trying to play?
  8. Hi all! We just launched a new cross platform portal: Keygames.com. Tell us what you think! Interested in publishing your games on this new portal? Mail your games to games@keygamesnetwork.com!
  9. Azerion

    Fishy Rush

    Great game! Love the graphics!
  10. Very nice game Smrdis! Looking forward to license one of your next games!
  11. Nice game Antonio! Also available for a non exclusive license shortly?
  12. What do you guys think about the Flash CC HTML5 support? http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/StevenStark/20131203/206170/Flash_the_new_kid_on_the_block_all_over_again.php http://www.adobe.com/products/flash/features.html
  13. Congrats to Spil for believing in HTML5! Looking forward to 2014.
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