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  1. RT @RandPaul: So @HillaryClinton doesn't like your tone @SenSanders? She clearly has never heard your folk album #T…

  2. I just ran into this issue as well. Can anyone explain what's going on?
  3. Look at Flambe for a modern game framework that uses Entity / Component model.
  4. Just released: Haxe allows users to write code in a statically typed language and compile it to other languages (in this case, Javascript). Development with Haxe is very pleasant (especially when using FlashDevelop), and provides auto-completion with type information. PhaserHaxe is a set of typed class bindings for Haxe (similar to typescript definition files). Checkout source code of a simple demo built with PhaserHaxe:
  5. How can we use web fonts that are not provided through the google API?
  6. Typescript doesn't make Javascript any better, it just makes the experience of programming javascript marginally better. It seems Typescript support is outdated and no longer maintained. I personally have no problem with that. If I wanted to program with an elegant statically typed language I would be using Haxe, but I want to make an HTML5 game, so I use Javascript (I know you can make an HTML5 game with Haxe + Flambe, but I wanted to check out Phaser for research purposes). It's really not that bad. Programming is programming, regardless of what language you use. I share Rich's sentiment... don't focus on what features a language does or doesn't support, focus instead on how you can use the features that the language provides in order to accomplish your goal of making a game.
  7. Adding the game to the home screen seems like the best option (if it allows it to run full-screen). I've done some research on that and it seems relatively easy (also seems like the best way to encourage repeat playthroughs), but would it be possible for Phaser to include an example that shows how to do this?
  8. Is there a way for me to maximize the playing area on that device, and remove the navigation buttons? There has to be a way to improve the player experience on that device, right now the playing are is miniscule when playing on an iPhone.
  9. Hi all, I'm using the development version of Phaser, and when I call: if( === false){;}Nothing happens on the iPhone. It works on my Android phone using the Chrome browser. Can anyone confirm this issue?
  10. game.input.keyboard.justPressed takes in two parameters, a keyCode and a duration. Checking for a duration (even a really small one), causes my justPressed checks to trigger during multiple frames, when really I just want it to trigger once when the user presses the key down, and only trigger again when they release it and press it down again. How can I achieve this effect with Phaser?
  11. I'm using Phaser to make Japanese Police Riders, Spy-Hunter style vehicle mayhem game. We're not very far yet, here's a super duper early (non playable) prototype. I'm doing this for our home-grown Baltimore Indie Game Jam!
  12. Force orientation wasn't working for me as well, I'm using the dev branch.
  13. CrazySam


    Haha probably (hopefully) relatively simple to implement. I'll make a pull request if I end up adding this feature.
  14. CrazySam


    I was looking in for a timeScale variable in Time.js, but it seems this is not implemented. Is there a way to achieve "slow-motion" effect in Phaser?