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  1. Cocoon has closed. I want to update my android game. Is there a possibility that I can copy the sha fingerprint of my apk and create a new keystore? If I do that, can I update my android game? Thanks
  2. Hmm one of my game has FBInstant.payments.onReady(function () { }); But the other one don't. They both stuck on IG loading only.
  3. I use the latest fb IG sdk `fbinstant.6.2.js` Do you have the same issue?
  4. I will create the game for affordable price for Instant game, adroid and ios. PM for details. Thanks.
  5. Sample work
  6. Evo wars is not turn based I believe. Same as snake mania
  7. Hello everyone, anybody here who needs a help and I can give a hand to? Desperately looking for work, got 3 mouths to feed. My experience is Phaser and Unity 2D. Thank you.
  8. Still needs to subscribe for full features.
  9. Well I jsut guess gamedistribution just lacks of manpower in their accounting dept. Ok I tried crazygames one of my game is accepted but the gameplay for word puzzle game just sucks. I'm amazed with the revenue 3k gameplays and I already got 11.99 euro. Crazygames is also very strict with gameplay they review the game and I think it is good.
  10. Hi guys I'm showcasing my phaser game here. It's a game like word scapes. Please enjoy thanks! Game name: Crossword Connect Appstore: Web: Framework: Phaser CE Looking for a paid work.
  11. Email sent with a subject "Dress up HTML5 developer" Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks!
  12. I had experience with I need to contact them several times to get my revenue. What are your experience with crazygames. I'd like to try it. Please tell your story thank you.