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  1. Hello, I'm reaching out to those who want to buy or license my word games [link below]. Due to the pandemic I can't work physically and almost drain my resources[to live]. Crossword connect is a top word game on crazygames. Crossword Connect - One pic crossword - Unjumblitz - Word Splice - Nectar Harvest: Math Tracks : Math Drops: Thank you.
  2. Many have done it with gamedistribution, crazygames and etc. etch.
  3. I'm selling the source code of this game 1 Pic Crossword The ui is responsive to any screen sizes and resolution. DM me for pricing. Thanks
  4. Cocoon has closed. I want to update my android game. Is there a possibility that I can copy the sha fingerprint of my apk and create a new keystore? If I do that, can I update my android game? Thanks
  5. Hmm one of my game has FBInstant.payments.onReady(function () { }); But the other one don't. They both stuck on IG loading only.
  6. I use the latest fb IG sdk `fbinstant.6.2.js` Do you have the same issue?
  7. I will create the game for affordable price for Instant game, adroid and ios. PM for details. Thanks.
  8. Sample work
  9. Evo wars is not turn based I believe. Same as snake mania
  10. Hello everyone, anybody here who needs a help and I can give a hand to? Desperately looking for work, got 3 mouths to feed. My experience is Phaser and Unity 2D. Thank you.
  11. Still needs to subscribe for full features.
  12. Well I jsut guess gamedistribution just lacks of manpower in their accounting dept. Ok I tried crazygames one of my game is accepted but the gameplay for word puzzle game just sucks. I'm amazed with the revenue 3k gameplays and I already got 11.99 euro. Crazygames is also very strict with gameplay they review the game and I think it is good.
  13. Hi guys I'm showcasing my phaser game here. It's a game like word scapes. Please enjoy thanks! Game name: Crossword Connect Appstore: Web: Framework: Phaser CE Looking for a paid work.
  14. Email sent with a subject "Dress up HTML5 developer" Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks!
  15. I had experience with I need to contact them several times to get my revenue. What are your experience with crazygames. I'd like to try it. Please tell your story thank you.
  16. Hi someone here with 250+ daily users on facebook. I have 1 game that has that number of users after finishing the launch boost ( I'm getting 2k average during the period of launch boost) but can't monetise with ads since audience network is not supported my country/region. I wonder how much are you getting from facebook audience network. Thanks.
  17. Just to add, not all can monetise their games. My country is not supported by FAN that made my games not to show ads.
  18. Question: How long is your app reviewed after you integrated the ads. My instant game without as from my experience is reviewed after 1 day for 2 consecutive app review submission.