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  1. Thanks a lot ! the game is now available worldwide on iOS and Android: OS (Worldwide) Android (US, Canada, Australia, Ireland & New Zealand) Android (rest of world)
  2. Hello! Our latest Html5 game Firewater: Cowboy Dash was release a few days ago and we are really happy that it is currently featured by Apple on the iTunes Home Page in 119 countries ( not in the US ) Download:iOS (Worldwide) Android (US, Canada, Australia, Ireland & New Zealand) Android (rest of world) Trailer: The game was wrapped using Ludei's CocoonJS. Go HTML5
  3. Great! I will definite consider Flambe for our next project. Thanks for your answer.
  4. Congratulations, Flambe looks great! I do not know much about haxe development, but is it possible to use third party api's (like Chartboost, Facebook ...) or is there any other way to monetize a games written with Flambe ? @kali Addictinggames games just launched their new mobile(html5) site:
  5. Congratulations! The game looks and plays really great ! I hope it does well financially!
  6. Thanks a lot for the feedback! @gjbarter: Yes, I would use CocoonJS again, but if you are doing an arcade game and primary target iOS and Android, I wouldn't recommend using any wrapper at all. You will always move on very thin ice! For us, the primary focus is on the to be released web and mobile-web versions, thats why we went that route. (pm me if you want to have a look at them)
  7. Thanks a lot, I tried quite a few frameworks, but ended up using the solid tech from Construct2 along with a few costume plug ins.
  8. Hi, I would like to let you know, that our latest HTML5 game, Headless, just got released on the Apple App Store and Google Play. App Store Link: We used Ludei’s CocoonJS to bring Headless to iOS and Android, despite seven parallax layers, constant spraying particles (blood) and lots of animations on the screen, we got quiet good performance out of it, on up-to-date devices. We will also release a Web and a Web/Mobile version later this year, for which we are currently selling non-exclusive licenses. About the Game: Take control of a headless chicken trying to stay alive in Headless. Inspired by the story of Miracle Mike, the chicken that lived without a head for 18 months, Headless challenges players to see how far they can run as a headless chicken! Tap to fly and tilt to speed up for an extra bonus. Grab bags of blood to live longer and get ahead of the competition! Keep a cool head while dodging deadly blades and other obstacles. Unlock upgrades, collect power ups and charge head first to new high scores! I hope you like the game !! Greets Reinhard