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  1. Hi, as as3 developer i am having hard time adjusting to whole javascript (canvas) game development process. I wrote a few test games using plain Vanilla JS, and few using frameworks (EaselJS, Crafty...), but it all seem somehow ....dirty coded, in terms of code structure, solutions for everyday stuff, like game UI, gameLoop, etc. whihch in js seem to me like overkill for such simple stuff, in comparison to native approach i had as option using as3 and flash for graphics. Also there are no complete examples of best practices for some of usual game dev concepts,sSheet animations, game state machine, etc. So i spend way too much time wondering around frameworks. Tl;DR; i have a few questions : 1) Do you use frameworks, and which, or you recommend plain javascript for development. 2) Where can i find some example of best practices, of ie. state machine, ssheet animation, resource preloading (i user PreloadJS, and some self cooked solution)...etc. 3) As habit from flash i would like to skip using DOM for UI elements for games, so what you use and how, cose coordinate based canvas hit testing for Ui seem to use a lot of resources. 4) Which IDE you use, i miss FlashDevelop lightfast workflow and non bloatness in light of WebStorm i currently use. thanks in advance and sorry for bad English, havent used it for a while.
  2. Hey, jast wanted to ask did you use framework or its vanilla Javascript code?