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  1. cool, please email me at jesse@mikandi.com.
  2. Hey there, yup totally agree with your first statement. The best teams know how to manage and get the most of the resources available to them to make a great game within the budget and time line. That's the magic and science of game making and a valuable skill set. Regarding browsers, there are some cool 3rd party browsers out there, but for us it's a issue of distribution and marketing. For adult games specifically, we're already a 3rd party that is not allowed in any of the mainstream markets. It would add an extra layer of friction and marketing costs for us to get players to download a 3rd app to play our games. But yeah if it did become a standard, then why not
  3. That's certainly a possibility. It depends on the engine we use and how well that engine handles remote asset management. We have games built with unity, Gamemaker, Construct 2. We're getting some awesome web games with Gamemaker, but it doesn't handle this issue well for example, so we just load the game all at once. But on the other hand, we can accept that problem because Gamemaker + Spine is pretty powerful and we're getting some slick web games through that combo.
  4. hey there, it's not that we load all 10 levels before playing. Each level is loaded as it's played, but we still needed to load a ton of assets at the start of the game. For example, a simple space shooter game might only need one texture page for level one and that would be relatively fast to load..but if you have a richly animated adult game, level one could turn into a lot of sprites and texture pages. Plus sound effects and voiceovers make a huge difference in adult games and these also take a long time to load. In addition, we need different sound files for both Android and iOS, so that means double the load time. We had to find that balance of where to cut back on the graphics and get smarter about reusing sound effects or removing some that were "nice to have", but wouldn't necessarily detract from the experience if taken out.
  5. Hey there, sorry for the slow reply! I was in the middle of a product launch, so you know how that goes. Yes, it's still pretty early, but we're seeing some very impressive HTML5-based adult games from Japan and US that are getting great reviews in the mikandi app store. I'll send some links privately. We did learn some lessons over the past year. Since you've made hentai games before, then I'm sure you'll know that it's often about having a lot of eye candy which means there's a ton of art, animated sprites, sound effects and other media. When it comes to creating fluid animations, Flash is still one of the best tools around. Especially for adult game art, it's awesomely fast to create smooth organic animation, which is what adult games need Depending on the art style we want, we either hand draw the animated sequences and sprites frame-by-frame or use flash to create the animations then export and make our sprite maps. So Flash can still be a very useful part of your workflow in creating html5 adult games. But before we knew it, we would have very large games that took forever to download on some mobile connections. But the bigger problem was that some of the more richly animated sequences ended up lagging unbearably in some browsers. On the other hand, when we exported the same games to Android, they played perfectly. So we had to make some compromises for web. Our strategy now is that for the complex animated games that we know are going to be very large in size, we plan out exactly what's going in the web version vs the android version. For example, the web version of a puzzle game that has many tiles of sexy animated sprites, may be scaled back to show only a few of the tiles animated, less frames or just images only. For the Android version, we can probably get away with all tiles richly animated. Another example is that we have a hentai game with over 35+ levels, but we decided to show only 10 levels for the web so that it doesn't take so long for the game to start. In summary, we had to make some compromises, but the benefits of getting people to try our games with very little friction ("just press play" vs "install the app") is great for conversions and building traffic and audience to our sites. The web games can also be a great tool to promote your studio or cross-promote your larger native games. Hope that helps. I'll send links next!
  6. So it can range like mainstream games. Of course we don't have the huge distribution of Play store.. yet I would say on average our payouts per paid developer are between few hundred to few thousand dollars every month. Now that we have some games under our belt, I've been getting game license requests where game portals are willing to paying non-exclusive license of $500-1500 to publish some of our simple adult games on their site. Mainstream may payout more, but you're also competing with tens of thousands of developers. With adult mobile games, it's easier to stand out. Also I'm sure we all prefer to makes games around stories, characters, art that we personally enjoy, so it's also a lot fun to work on adult theme games. Knowing your audience is 18+ changes how you think about the entire game experience. The games that generate the most money are usually represented by an artist/creator who has done a great job of building up a fan following whether around his/her original characters, art style, specializing in a niche (i.e. furry or hentai), storylines, etc. Of course building your own IP is not easy, but people really do appreciate an adult game with personality and substance and not just showing T&A. It's definitely just getting started. Since I'm in the industry, I get to see some awesome demos and prototypes that are coming out soon.
  7. Awesome, glad to hear it. You can reach me directly at jesse@mikandi.com. We're developing, commissioning and collaborating on a variety of games and have also launched a few in the past couple months, so we can show some good examples of what we're working on now. I shouldn't link them here since they are NSFW, so contact me and I'll show some links or of course just google us.
  8. Cool, let Chaotic know. Yup, I think the best way to educate them is to just create some awesome example games. We're working on some now and hope to share later this year.
  9. As far HTML5 games, not really. most of the games we have now are flash games ported as Android Apps (but again those pretty much suck) or they are native android games. The hentai examples we have are games such as stripper games, where girls/guys dress down and do different acts depending on how well you play or simple puzzle games. there's also the popular dating sim type games from Japan where you have to choose the correct response to progress further. These dating games were originally designed for PC screens though, so the buttons and overall presentation is just way too small for mobile. Alot of room for improvement here. I'll send some links privately.
  10. Ha! we're keeping it classy. mentuat, got your message, thanks, I'll get back to you tonight.
  11. Hi Vincent, We love wild imaginations! Because the market is so new, we're looking to explore different game concepts, but if you have certain ideas that you're more passionate about, we can definitely help you narrow it down and provide some tips. Just PM me here or send me an email to mintlist@mikandi.com and we can pick up the conversation there. For example top search terms are hentai, asian, and other words that I shouldn't mention here but also niches like tranny, boobs, amateur or game types like puzzles, strip, interactive comics, virtual sims, etc. So when it comes to adult games, here's how we think about them: 1. Eye candy - More visually stimulating than anything else, like the quick viral flicks you mention. You interact with different objects, characters, scenes, etc, but essentially you're enjoying the view. we have some examples of these now such as simulation games where you have a virtual girl you can interact with using different props. 2. Story and reward based adult games - Follow typical game structure, where there is a story, rules, clear objectives and rewards. In our world, rewards can be sexy animations, characters, props, new scenes, videos. So your story-powered action games sounds awesome already! Now some folks will take simple mainstream game templates, such as poker, and then offer a sexy photo as reward for winning a play. This has been done often, BUT very rarely is it done well, so I think there is a lot of opportunity here to do better. Especially if this is your first adult HTML5 game or game in general. I think it's great to get a head start by looking at winning mainstream game concepts, but rethink/redesign with an adult story (instead of just throwing in adult photos as an after-thought). 3. Social, multiplayer games - At this early stage in the market, I would hold back from attacking any game idea that requires synchronous game play. In other words, make sure player doesn't necessarily have to respond back to another online player right away for the game to work. I can say that amateur photo and video sharing apps are super popular. People love sharing themselves and checking out other people, so games that feed into this interest would be exciting to explore for an adult social game. We do consider funding whole games, but keep in mind, if that's the case we would want to own the game completely. Having said that, we are leaning towards collaborations and/or only funding partially so that game maker keeps some rev-share, so that 1)they are motivated to update the game with new content and fix bugs and 2)we can help foster a variety of great games targeting several niches. It really depends on the project and the experience of the game maker. Lastly, html5 adult games are just getting started, so I would recommend keeping first games super simple, but polished and high quality. It's that last 10% of development that most people rush, but it makes a huge difference.
  12. thanks, I appreciate it. Transparency is best
  13. Hi Rich, Yup, there's a ton of adult flash games, but as you know, they don't work on mobile. That's why we're pretty excited about the progress of HTML5 for game development. Some folks have tried to port these flash games by using native wrappers to quickly turn them into Android apps, but they turn out horribly. Developers should just move away from flash, but also these games were originally designed with mouse clicks in mind, so they need to be redesigned for touch screens. Currently most adult flash games are offered free to play with the purpose of driving traffic to a subscription site where more games and premium videos are available or a trial version is offered, with the full version available only after subscribing. In some cases, studios will commission these games, especially when the game designer or artist is well known and they are looking for high quality. Other flash game developers will essentially sign up as affiliates of these sites and churn out simpler games at a faster rate to drive more traffic and sales taking around 50-60% rev-share on signups they generate. On mobile, developers who publish their own adult android games take 65% revshare of app sales or in-app purchases. Others integrate with our adult-focused ad network and monetize with ads, but if you have to generate a considerable number of installs before this can generate meaningful revenue. We're also working on our offerwall program (currently in beta with a few developers), where users can earn in-app content (i.e. unlock new game levels) by downloading other adult apps (developer gets paid for every free app download generated through the offerwall). This converts very well since users can earn premium content without using their credit cards. So we're looking to explore several options in the beginning stages. We can either commission games and just buy upfront. Or if the developer wants longer-term rev-share, publish the games themselves, but we still want to help during the development process and of course marketing/distribution. For example, hentai is one of our top search terms, but we generated 30,000 unique search terms last month, so we can provide great insight into what people are looking to buy. We also drive a ton of downloads through our featured sections (about a million app downloads a month) and through app of the week push notification promotions. In addition, we can help with some coding especially with integrating in-app billing APIs, ads, etc. Or for developers who aren't artists, we can collaborate and provide all the custom art assets and/or adult videos and photo content. For more involved collaborations like this, we would ask for 50/50 rev-share. Essentially we want to take a very hands-on approach to build some great partnerships and grow this market. Thanks for asking!