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  1. The biggest issue is - how would those games be controlled? You don't have pads here.
  2. How old are you guys? I'm really curious who's the oldest/youngest around here.
  3. Since we're not working together anymore, please erase my art from your game - you have absolutelly no right to use it.
  4. Bronsoner


    As a form of constructive critique I'd like to ask you this: Some of presented game art is not bad at all, some is simply horrible ... so why go with kickstarter while the overall quality is pretty bad compared to other kickstarter projects? I'd really love this project to succeed, but given information and screens you provided - it just needs more work imho.
  5. Inkscape is my weapon of choice - layered, object-based vectors are so much better than raster art for games. Backgrounds on the other hand or extremly high polish stuff could be better handled by photoshop, but for me its just a support tool.
  6. Hi, The theme is not the problem here - look at Papers Please: you can turn the most horrible theme in the world in the most depressing enviroment into a fun game. Thats what is missing here: fun. Reward players for making the big corporation crumble without getting cought and you got a great idea for fun game. Right now it sounds like something I'd stay clear away from and wouldn't even give it a chance.
  7. Can we get some pictures of other colors? Cool initiative btw. - kudos for boldness and creativity.
  8. Thank you for you help and finding the bug, it's much apprecitated. We will correct the bug asap.
  9. We uploaded the new version, hopefully with the bug corrected. I hope it works now for you.
  10. Thank you pspmiracle, we appreciate the help. Guess its debugging time.
  11. Hi, Me and my friend made a simple match-3 game in html5 and we would like to ask you to lend us some help with testing as well as get to know your opinion on our little game. It's is called Lolipop Crush, you can play it here: Lolipop Crush Please tell us what device you played it on and how it performed. We're especially interested in how it performs on iPhones and Tablets (+iPad), but all feedback is valuable. We hope you like it.
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