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  1. your redirection system is distributing malware or at least avast says so, just you know
  2. Thank you! im currently in the process of improving it with level select and timeattack mode, oh and like 100 levels more!
  3. Thank you! do you use that on your "Build a Snowman" game? is it the loading screen which appears before the actual game is loaded?
  4. the game looks very good but i too found it confusing and frustrating that the chicken keeps going back, its ok to get slower but it shouldnt go backwards, the sine moving of the objects dont make the game fun to play, i think you should make the movement only based on one direction and the follower smaller so you can work with him getting nearer and nearer without this effects. I also think there are way too many objects spawning. while re reading what i wrote seems like harsh critic im very sure that this will be a very fun game when you fix that movement issues and again you got some really nice art there!
  5. Hi, would you please tell me how you implemented it in construct2? best regards!
  6. is it really so bad or why are there no comments or critique? its also available at Firefox Marketplace now https://marketplace.firefox.com/app/warehouse/
  7. Hi, i just released a sokoban game for Android and Firefox called Warehouse! it has over 100 Levels to solve with increasing difficulty and there are more to come in future updates! hope to hear about some opinions or maybe bugs you found and btw please rate the game if you like it Android Version Firefox and FirefoxOS packaged App
  8. Hi, just wanted to show the first game i released on Google Play using the Intel XDK i chose this game as first release because im not very familiar with the Android export options and wanted to make sure no complicated game events and stuff is involved https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.fldr.findthefruits
  9. very lovely game and graphics! i played it on gamebrokerage for a while dont nonexclusive licenses for that game sell like hotcake?
  10. Hi, i can only find two games, Cinderellas Rush and Pumpkin Smasher, and i dont see the "Explore Indie Games", is it only visible for people from the united states ? Edit: ok, now i found some more by searching für FGL but i dont think if found them all.
  11. did you checkout stackoverflow? seems there are many topics about that, also take a look at googles "report a bug" function, it uses javascript to take a screenshot
  12. maybe a little little bit, but its pretty much the same
  13. same on Alcatel One Touch Fire