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  1. Hi folks, My new game Agent Steve is now well underway and today we put together a page for it. http://rungogames.com/agentsteve/ Not much to show yet, but I'll soon be posting screens and trailer. Also, will be looking for testers soon too, so if you're interested hit our contact form or easier still follow us on twitter or facebook, Cheers, Tom.
  2. @Lewis - great minds.. that was my thought too. Unfortunately you get too much rotation with the forward momentum - no turning circle as such.
  3. I'm building an old school top down racer but I can't get my car to drift when cornering. Can anyone share any code / tips / maths on how I could get a bit more 'fun' out of my car?
  4. @99golems thank you for this, seems to be what I'm after. Can you explain the player.js file in a bit more detail? Do I put all player related code, movement, animation etc in the Player function? And should it be structured with create and update functions?
  5. Hi All, Im looking for examples on how to modulize my code. I want to have separate js files for player, powerup, enemy etc. Woiuld be great to see how this is done, so I dont have all my code inthe single game file. Cheers
  6. Rich - thank you for pointing me to those examples. Can anyone show me the best way to implement into a module pattern?
  7. When using Flixel I would have a gamestate, a player, enemy, perhaps coins etc as separate classes. Maybe a registry that stored assets etc. I had been tooling around with ImpactJS and that framework uses a similar structure. How do I implement a structure like this with a Phaser game? I only want the the index.html to set the css etc and load the game.
  8. Thanks guys, appreciated. I going to continue digging thru the examples until the documentation hits. Cheers.
  9. This is great fun. Also, my four year old son loves it! Keeps bugging me to play it.
  10. Hi, I've come here from As3 and Flixel but am a complete newb in terms of html5 development. Can anyone point me in the direction of a begnners tutorial for phaser? and perhaps API documentation? I've gone through the basic steps on the Phaser.io site and have got the logo spinning. but now Im after next steps. Specifically I'm after info on best practices, project structure etc My next goal is to get a sprite mvoing around, then animate it. Any help, guidance would be very much appreciated.
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