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  1. Really great game! How it's going with sales on 3d games, are sponsors willing to license?
  2. Nice platformer mechanics! Plays really well, but for me first levels (2-4) seems to difficult at the beginning. Maybe make ball jump a little bit further/higher so it would be a little bit easier to jump over gaps.
  3. I'm also using cocos2d-JS for current game I'm developing right now. So far everything works fine, not sure on how it will go later with QA on more devices when it will be released. Also native compile with jsb bindings on android works without changes. And it seems cocos2d team is fixing bugs quite quickly and community is also responsive on forum. Ported current game in dev from Phaser, render performance on html5 build is better(5-10FPS) when with pixi.js, but it's just only 2 devices I have tested on. drawPrimitives is very slow on cocos2d-js html5 build, comparing to Phaser, but not sure about it, maybe it's just kind of bug.
  4. What kind of renderer it uses? Maybe pixi? WebGL support?
  5. yzigames


    Liked it. Nice graphics! No sounds, error on all sounds Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 (Forbidden) https://69449b9281b83f28b387e8ee89b9eb0db78ff668.googledrive.com/host/0B2XXVdMO4-R4SDJHMXp4VWhZaDA/assets/sound/music.ogg
  6. yzigames


    Nice game, addicting. Also I'm getting an error on all sounds: "Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 403 (Forbidden) ......oogledrive.com/host/0B2XXVdMO4-R4OFBYVVVDLXNSSGc/assets/sound/cry_1.mp3 On mobile it also doesn't loads sounds.
  7. Nice idea! I liked it. But maybe only one thing that annoys a little bit is what you need to click on eggs after solving a puzzle.
  8. Not sure what is causing this bug. I have tested on Firefox(mac), but it runs same as on Chrome.
  9. Has anybody tested game on any mobile? Does it run? Thanks!
  10. Uploaded version with resolution 480x720. Do still have same problem?
  11. Thanks I'm glad you liked it. On desktop it is viewed at fixed size 960x640 with no scaling.
  12. Hi, My first html5 game. Feedback are welcome and thanks in advance! PLAY IT HERE
  13. What kind of Sublime Text 3 plugin for js autocompletion for Panda engine you are using? Thanks!