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  1. Busy as a Bee Mobile HTML5 puzzle game by Indie Dev Austin Hi friends! Busy as a Bee was a game originally made in 2013 as my first mobile HTML5 game, but I've completely re-made the game over the last few months to make it better than ever. Here's some info about it: Puzzle game20 levelsSimple puzzles for young kidsChallenging puzzles even for adultsGreat game for boys and girls alikeWorks on both desktop and mobile devicesScreenshots: I'm looking for feedback on the game - what do you like, what don't you like, and what suggestions do you have? Interested in licensing the game? Contact me at Thanks! Austin
  2. Hi friends! Even though this game was released over a year ago, I'm happy to let you know the game has undergone some heavy updates! Shark Swim Updates v1.2 (January-Febuary 2015 by Austin)-Added crabs-Added music-New instructions screen-Added buttons-New pause method-Updated background-New Pause/Mute GUI graphics-Updated to JCHTML5-New score saving mechanic-Custom loading bar-New score screen Here are some new screenshots:
  3. Hi friends, quick question: What is the path to my function? I'm not sure what to put in this field (image below). My directory looks like this: >index.html >html5contents (folder) >aqh_yepApi.js In aqh_yepiApi.js I have the functions yepiRestart(), yepiSound(), and yepiPause(). Those are the functions I'm trying to reach, but I'm not sure what to put in the field. I know what I have in the image is wrong. I use GameMaker Studio to make my games if that's relevant at all. Thanks!
  4. It worked well for me. I love the game mechanics and graphics! It's an awesome idea, and well executed too. My recommendations: Add some instructions/tutorial messages/tipsAdd a backgroundChange the fonts, the text is ugly
  5. Very nice game! Played it on my Nexus 9.
  6. Don't Touch The Lava won the "Got Game?" competition! You can see the results here: Thank you everyone who supported the game!
  7. Thank you everyone for your comments so far! We're very pleased with the feedback. The contest judging is still going, so any plays and rating are very much appreciated!
  8. Thanks! I would like to acknowledge that the game is based on a Japanese arcade game, so while the game itself is much better than the original, we can't say that the game is an original idea itself. Good suggestion for the game! We will try to implement it to default to the previously entered name.
  9. UPDATE 1: -New trophies on Game Jolt -New Achievements on -Added option to share scores on Facebook and Twitter (doesn't work on Game Jolt)
  10. Crazy Grandpa with a Chainsaw Game Jolt (with leaderboards) (with leaderboards) You're old, crazy, and you have a chainsaw! Can you survive the insanity? This is an action-arcade game where you use your chainsaw as a tool for survival against up to five different types of enemies. The more you kill and survive, the higher your score. With online leaderboards on both Game Jolt and you can compare your scores to those of other players. Features music by Dalin Anderson. My personal highscore is 411 with a survival time of 83 seconds. Screenshots:
  11. And mine is 1310, but only for the time being.
  12. Shark Swim Soar through an ocean of adorable sea creatures in the underwater adventure, Shark Swim! Avoid electric jellyfish and chow down on other fish in order to prevent starvation and swim as far as possible! How far can you go? The game is intended for mobile devices, but still works fine on desktop. Game made by: Austin Dudas (website) Sam Whillance (website) Screenshot: And, if you're interested... To contact us, email: Sam- Austin-