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  1. Thanks for your feedback fel666 The extra hard one plays very well, but you can beat it. It's playing very well, but not perfectly.
  2. I developed this game for Android 2 years ago, and now I ported it to HTML5 using ImpactJS. It's a "Connect 4" game, but with these cute creatures called Baviux. Link to play: Hope you like it! Please post your feedback! :-)
  3. I need to execute some AI code, and it takes too long. So I use web workers when executing the game in a browser, and a webview (that executes code in a different context) for CocoonJS. I tested my game in Android, using CocoonJS launcher,, and is working ok, the code is executing in a background thread, and UI is not blocked. But I tested it in iOS (using CocoonJS launcher too) and UI is blocked while IA code is executed.... Do you know why this behavior on iOS?