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  1. It's strange. I've noticed that sometimes without being able to do anything : the player scale is 1:1 and is not blurry to begin with, but it seems that depending on how the game launchs and renders, it is. Maybe because it is not rendered on integral pixels. I'm using Pixi.js and WebGL. With Canvas the problem does not seem to appear, but some effects are deactivated so I've not kept that option.
  2. Some updates to the UX Feel free to check again !
  3. Penry => this was a server problem. The game was awaiting a response that never came My hosting is not that good I... And as for the menus, I've made everything in HTML/CSS with the help of Mustache. They might seem less beautiful than the game but it's easy to modify and tweak !
  4. Hi guys, As this is a full Pixi.js game I thought it would be nice to share on this subforum too (I've posted a thing on the main board) I've made this : http://www.evilbuniz.com/ I would like to thank Mat Groves and his team a lot for creating such a beautiful tool. I made my game directly with Pixi.js, and it was really enjoyable to find the same coding style than in Flash, my previous coding platform. Thanks Mat for the help on the forum too ! Have a nice day !
  5. Hello ! This is my first attempt at making a game in full HTML5. It has been entirely written in Javascript, with the help of Pixi.js. The interface has been made with Mustache.js, so it's full HTML. You can find it here : http://www.evilbuniz.com/ Please try the level editor too as there are not many levels for now ! I'm not totally satisfied with the UX of the game : it would have been nice to be able to test a level from the editor but it was really more work and I already destroyed too much weekends doing that. I would really like to know what you think. I've put much effort into
  6. Hi Mat, You can see the bug there : http://pixelshaped.com/reunionjs/last/ Just jump on a foe's head. Thanks (again ) for your fantastic work !
  7. I marked the topic as unanswered : I have solved my personal issue by using a simple DisplayObjectContainer but the bug is still there nevertheless.
  8. Hi ! Both versions were affected by the bug
  9. I just noticed that the glitch first appears on the screen when you jump on a foe's head. I then generate some particles to make an explosion. These particles are added to a PIXI.SpriteBatch. As soon as I replaced: particlesContainer = new PIXI.SpriteBatch(); By: particlesContainer = new PIXI.DisplayObjectContainer(); The problem disappeared. So maybe there's an issue with the SpriteBatch or the way I use it...
  10. Hi guys, I've noticed a glitch when using the WebGL renderer with more than one 2048x2048 texture. This does not happen with the Canvas renderer. From time to time, the whole spritesheet is printed out on the screen for like 1 frame. In my code, everything worked fine as long as I only had one 2048x2048 spritesheet : GameClip.assetsToLoader = [ "res/Spritesheet70_nocolor.json","res/gameFont.fnt"]; But when I added a background picture: GameClip.assetsToLoader = [ "res/Spritesheet70_nocolor.json","res/gameFont.fnt", "res/background.jpeg"]; The glitch started to show. I already had thi
  11. Thanks for the help. The glitch is a black frame but that affects just a portion of the screen. Like a black flash on some sprites (could even be a zone, not directly sprites). Happened in webgl mode, in Chrome and FF. Solved my problem reducing all my sprites' width by 70%. As I was already testing the game at 0.7 scale for the past month and it looked fine, it was not too much of a pain in the ass. But still, I may be confronted again to thr problem.
  12. And sorry for the multiposts but I just noticed the animationSpeed property on MovieClips. I'm going to test lowering the speed of less important clips individually.
  13. Also, I just tested to call renderer.render(stage); only 30 times/sec. It works. But it's so much less smooth I canceled the first idea immediately. So now either I can solve the little webgl glitch, choose to live with it, or reduce the size or the time of animation of my clips...
  14. Hi ! I was speaking of the frame rate of MovieClips. I can chose to render only half the frames from within the game loop too I guess.
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