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  1. I agree with you about the changes. I've just tried to use startFullScreen and expected that stage.scaleMode would be used. I went one small step further and created a separate stage.fullScreenScaleMode property since you do not necessarily want the same scaling option in both a window and fullscreen. This is most apparent when the canvas is embedded in the page (such as the phaser examples) and uses NO_SCALE, but to scale up while preserving the aspect ratio in fullscreen using SHOW_ALL. Edit: After also updating the fullscreen example I took the liberty of submitting a pull request with the changes I've made so you can at least see what I mean. Edit 2: Just thought of something else that should be noted. This really only applies to webkit browsers. I don't think IE supports fullscreen and firefox forces the element to stretch to fill the screen regardless.
  2. scoots: Yeah, you have to use all the squares as well, forgot to include that in the post. I'll update the post to let others know. gustav: Thanks for letting me know. I'm not sure what I can do about this without having more devices to test on. It works fine on the devices I do have access to. Anybody want to send me more phones/tablets ? No? Didn't think so.
  3. Really nice game. I can't speak for others but I understood how to play and found the puzzles difficult. After a bit of play I can now (somewhat) consistently solve level 5 quite quickly, but the two colours required for level six keeps throwing me off. I'll give it another go later. Also, I'm interested to know what the other 'punk' and 'hellboy' levels are like. Would something like having the first level in each section unlocked initially and then completing that unlocks the next one work for people like me who want to jump around the levels a bit?
  4. Thanks for giving it a go Gustav. Can you elaborate on what's being glitchy? What device / browser are you using?
  5. Hi everyone, this is my first attempt at releasing a game (outside of a few game jams) and I'd love to hear any feedback on it. It's a puzzle game where you have to connect the colours while connecting the numbers in order and using every square. I've put it up on Google Play (packaged up using cocoonjs) and would appreciate any downloads / ratings, and of course it's also playable in your browser. Please let me know if there are any issues with it. Thanks!
  6. Scales and runs nicely on galaxy s3 in chrome for me. Nice game.
  7. Works fine with Chrome on Samsung Galaxy S3. Doesn't work for me in desktop Firefox 25 with the following ReferenceError: gang_out is not defined main.js (line 905)ReferenceError: girl_out is not defined main.js (line 958)
  8. Runs smoothly on my S3 in chrome (haven't tried the other browsers, let me know if you want me to try them). The game played fine with the touch controls, but the tilt controls are virtually unusable for me. Is it just my phone (or my imagination) but is there a noticeable half-second delay between when I tilt the phone and the car moving to the side for anyone else?
  9. Thanks for the replies. I hadn't spotted that there was a shutdown function I could be using for guaranteeing a clean change of states. I'll start using that. Hsaka, you're right about not keeping things in memory if they're not being used, and I've not had any issues destroying and recreating all the game objects so I'll keep doing it that way for now. Rich, I already load all the assets up front in a preloader state, thanks to other posts I've seen here. I was wondering if people routinely use the create function to set all the sprites, tiles, etc and then destroy them when leaving the state for a state that is used repeatedly.
  10. I only tried it on my pc, and unsurprisingly it ran fine! The thought I have about the difficulty is that I found is that it starts of nice and calm and I have time to shepherd each bubble to the exit individually, then the spawn rate jumps quickly to the point where I have no chance to guide more than one or two to the exit before a bunch of others hit the walls and break the combo. This means that I got all almost all my points in the first half and gave up even trying by the end. You might have more luck if the spawn rate increases a bit more smoothly over the time limit.
  11. With the recent release of v1.1 I'm attempting to reproduce (and improve) one of my old Ludum Dare games using Phaser. Most of Phaser makes sense to me and the core game is coming along nicely. The confusion I have is with the management of states, specifically when preload, create and destroy are called. From the pinned post on function order (http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/1372-phaser-function-order-reserved-names-and-special-uses/?p=9110) I got the impression that preload was called when the state was first started, followed immediately by create. The question is then what are peoples recommendations for the best way to handle starting and leaving states repeatedly, such as level select menu -> play level 1 -> return to level select menu -> play level 2 ...etc... where the Menu and Game states are started numerous times but really all the objects in that state only need to be created once. Would you recommend just putting all the sprite, map, etc creation in the initialisation of the state and ignore the create function? Another related question: Is there any plan to implement some form of onExit call to a state (as mentioned in another thread [Edit: found it http://www.html5gamedevs.com/topic/1320-need-a-simple-demo-for-switching-state-with-phaser-and-js/?p=9877])? This would be handy for clearing up things like input bindings that would otherwise still be called while in a different state. Thanks.
  12. oysterCrusher


    Hi everyone! I've been attempting some HTML5 game dev in my spare time for a while now, and figured it's about time I actually created an account here. I'm still amazed by the amount of quality work people here are producing.