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  1. Thank you! It's Point'n'Click game. Game called Q- Co,pressing the heart. You can play it HERE.
  2. Thank you! Thank you! I made this art for Pour The Fish game and also this art used in Battle Fish partly It's Fruit Ninja clone, I was draw for hire. You can play it here.
  3. Hello, My name is Alex and I'm a 2D Graphic Artist and Animator and I'm looking for works. Please Email Me: discofishapp@gmail.comBehance: https://www.behance.net/DiscoFish Some of my Games: http://discofish.skyflys.net/games.html Showreel: Some works: Some HTML5 games what i've working on:
  4. Thank you! And thanks for the test! ^^
  5. Thanks! Cool Idea! I'll think about it
  6. Thanks! Yes, you're right. I will fix it ( ◠ ᴥ ◠ )
  7. DiscoFish


    Hi guys! I will be grateful for feedback and test for my game! Description: Throw your cute Wasabi combatant up to the infinity! Absorb sweetness on ultrasonic speed, feel the cosmic wind, but be careful - avoid uneatable stuff!Banzai! PLAY!
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