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  1. Asus fonepad (7", android 4.1,intel chipset) - chrome crashes on race start - browser loads everything with some texture issues, sounds trying to play (i guess they would have if the performance was not 5fps) desktop (pretty old laptop): - awesome performance even on high details, im impressed unsorted notes: - I like the dilemma between going with the better inner lane versus taking the boost on the outer lane - Track design and UI design is really cool overall and all the details add to the "feels right" - I hate the engine sound not looping seamlessly (I know the html audio sucks big time, but maybe two overlapping tracks?) - The whole concept of rocket propelled racing calls for much narrower tracks and faster experience. See SW Episode I Racer - It would be awesome with multiplayer support or at least scoreboard. Technical side is excellent, but singleplayer gets boring really fast. The engine is really fine tuned though for desktop. Id build something awesome around it if I were you. Add multiplayer, port battlezone with that and Ill pay $100 for an annual subscription.
  2. Bad choice of label on my side. By splitscreen on mobile I mean games played on the same device by two players. Like squish a bug, but each player has their own types of bugs. Or finger-twister. Or even simple things like some pong variant. These can be played easily even on 4" multitouch screens. My concern here is that if the biggest chunk of casual gamers are your archetypal kansas moms, it might not be the best way to go.
  3. Mother of god! How could I miss coffescript? Seriously, thank you good sir for showing me the way. To clarify a bit, my own progression was following: 1, C++ (just because everybody was doing it) 2, C (after stumbling upon this - I dont say you should code in C, but its worth a thought) 3, Python (I was resisting this one for a long time - but seriously, there is no reason for having tons of braces in the 21 century. Once you see it, you cannot unsee it) 4, Forced to work with Java (Job. Mutually agreed hatred inevitable) 5, In school touched Haskell (Useless, but some concepts are exceptionally beautiful) And yet, here I am, hacking code in Javascript. I tell you what. HTML5+js+css is a platform with awesome idea, but terrible implementation. I mean, Javascript is one really ugly bastard (at least for a person with the mindset progression as above). Btw, no real help here I guess. This is an unanswerable question, and what one hates, another might love beyond reason. Its like this - when you start walking, you just pick a pair of shoes and walk. Only after you have tried a lot of pairs and walked a few hundred kilometers you know what you hate/love about shoes and can make an informed decision when buying a new pair. There is no shortcut to first hand experience.
  4. Eh, true, sometimes it happens that one cannot see things right in front of himself :]
  5. Hi there, I have currently finished exactly such a structure for my RL project (virtual control panel for an exteriour projector - you connect to the internal mediaserver, it launches html page through which you send commands to the projector). Its written in javascript (phaser) and served as a static page by a standard webserver but uses websockets to communicate with the tornado (facebook backend) websocket server handling all the command logic. Its pretty simple and straightforward technology-wise (Id say one can manage all the communication in under 100 lines of code), the only problem is that you need to know a bit of python and tornado as well Send me a PM if you are interested in further details, collab or example code ;] p.s. the simplest method would be just sending html requests as quetzacotl suggests, it just AFAIK has this stupid visual property of reloading the page after each move and/or timeout.
  6. Well ... yep. Im the 80's kid, and obviously, being 'damaged' in this direction I have a lot of split screen ideas. I know that 2(ish) player games played on one machine are just mighty fun - for the players. There's nothing like it. But the real question here is - are sponsors interested? Are such a games generating clicks, or its just a cruel sad world and from the expected value perspective its better to just clone yet another match 3?
  7. Im using canvas renderer. All zebras are positioned at (int,int) coordinates. But you made me thinking with the floating point interpolation. In the original example, the anchor for the zebras is set to (0.5,0.5) (so the sprite is flipped around its center). If I leave the anchor in the (0,0) of the sprite, this blur indeed does not appear, no matter the size or shape. It seems to me, that when the anchor point (in the dimension you are flipping) is not integer, PIXI (or phaser) rounds this anchor to whole pixels, but this shifts the whole sprite half a pixel, thus causing canvas renderer to interpolate the sprite. I was able to confirm it through this simple experiment: my sprite is 85 x 103px anchor point of (.5,.5) produces (42.5,51.5) -> image is blurred when flipped setting the anchor point manually to whole pixels like (0,0) or say (43/85,52/103) -> image is sharp when flipped
  8. Im using phaser (1.0.6) for my game, but I suspect this to be so low level so Im putting it here. I have a spritesheet of three frames. The zebras looking to the left are unchanged and simply rendered, those looking to the right are flipped using scale.x = -1. What happens is pretty much what the topic say. The first row shows the behaviour of the system for textures with odd dimensions, the second one is for even sized textures. I render using pixi canvas renderer. Anyone can reproduce this, or knows a better workaround that simply creating all your pix with even dimensions?
  9. Coming from a videomapping community, this can also be done in After Effects. Search the youtube tutorials for something like "after effects synch to the music". Basically, you can make after effects generate keyframes based on any provided audio layer, and then export those keyframes to xml. AE is great for this, because you can fine tune the keyframes in a visual way, plus through binding the keyframes to a simple effect (like blip of flash) you can immediately see whether the result "looks and feels" right.
  10. Im in my "constructive over polite" mood, so let me skip to the important stuff (imo). 1, I love the style. The day/night contrast is the awesomest. I would totally overexploit this, like shooting bunnies in day would make them burst in feathers and/or hearts (etc... picture every disgustingly sweet detail of care bears and ponies) while night would be even more nitty gritty ninja-vampire-goresqe in every way possible. 2, On my upcoming (also first html5) game Im using tap left side/right side instead of buttons, and according some early playtesting this works neatly. THE pain in the ass Im having is that on android stock browser, after changing orientation the doubletap still randomly causes zoom, no matter what Im doing. But seeing you are already going with "screw masses, lets make the game my way even if it excludes some players", this may not be such an issue for you. 3, I have experienced the same thing with sometimes jumping into my death without any way of knowing that beforehand. In Diablo 2, we called that a stairtrap, and it sucks. It so happens that gamasutra has currently an article touching this on the main page. It gets interesting chiefly in the comment section - Myself, I actually started to enjoy the need to remember the pitfall sections and constantly polish my playthrough (and got over 9000 easily before posting this), but as a former avid DeFRaG jumper and competitive Q3A player Im (probably) not a particularly descriptive sample of your intended audience. I assure you, you gonna loose 95% of your players over this issue. For normal people, its simply not cool to die just because the game decided, #dealwithit. Those who stay though, would be the hardest of core. As they say, the price of faring with sheep is boredom. The price of faring with wolves is loneliness. Choose wisely - or better, award both types of players. Give the casuals split second chance to save themselves and grinders some "flawless game" badge after each episode. 4, Speaking of which - need mor bonuz! Melee! for short distance kill. Unorthodox Fox! for kills while doublejumping. Cmon. Everyone loves this stuff. Flak Monkey! Big Billy's circus! Bonus for artistic impression! (and bonus points for anyone knowing where these three came from) 5, Kudos for shooting for a game you like and not turning to the dark side. I can only hope one day to be as uncompromising as you, cleric
  11. I can replicate this on my android tablet. I cant install "firefox for android" (invalid package error), but was able to install "Firefox Beta". Button does not react. Graphics and debug overlay display just fine. On the same note though, my current prototype Im working on (built on phaser) does not load at all in this browser, but works fine in android stock, dolphin, chrome and opera. I would not be too worried about this, though. Firefox has about 0.01% mobile browser market share atm according to
  12. Depends on the complexity of the game, but taking into consideration OP asking about simple games with few states I usually have just global var and if switch in the main loop function. Plus I have a transition func for each state to clean up stuff from last state and init stuff for the state im phasing into. ...// global varsvar state = 'preintro';...// main loop, such as phaser update()...//first lets check transition cleanup requestsif (state == 'preintro') preIntro ();if (state == 'premenu') preMenu ();// and so on...// or update some running stateif (state == 'intro') updateIntro ();if (state == 'menu') updateMenu ();// and so forth...// and the functions themselves look like thisfunction preIntro () { ... //cleanup and setup state = 'intro';}...function updateIntro () { ... //do all stuff in intro if (time_to_go_to_menu) state = 'premenu';} For the pause part ... I just have a pause state which does nothing except for unpause condition check, and when such condition is satisfied, it resets the state var back to the original state. Yes. Its as elegant as pile of bricks. For some games, you need a multitool, and in this case OOP is in order to protect your sanity. For games under 1000 lines though ... just use the hammer.
  13. If you havent read this yet: its time to read it. This and poking around old topics in these forums should send you spinning in the right direction
  14. Asus Fonetab stock android browser - 15 fps, address bar hides, star background does not render chrome - 30 fps, address bar stays, everything else seems to work My main issue with the slower fps was that the gameplay slows with it, so its way too easy. In chrome the speed was just right though
  15. Tested on asus fonepad (basically nexus 7 in disguise) on android stock browser, chrome and dolphin. Debug layer is visible only in chrome and reads ~45 fps. Tilt works everywhere. Thats a good news, since I was really convinced tilt isnt viable on html5 yet. The controls are actually really well balanced at 7" tablet. Hmm, I might give the tilt sensor another go after seeing this