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  1. next step will be random size of lines ( pixels line ) ? anyone idea ? and outline directly in shaders
  2. OK, I think that final version that I could do, need focus now on the other part of my projects. Please let me know if it look like sketch as looking on this for hours I not sure any more texture as well converted to pencil lines. http://www.babylonjs.com/cyos/#1AM0VJ#3
  3. Hi guys , I need pick your brains ) to all that that how to work with shaders . to get: We need to add this settings ///////// any one is happy to share his/her wisdom ???? 1 part easy - use cell shadeing , 2 part will be noise ( any easy to make noise in shaders ??? ) 3 part will be there as in last example I share so now we need add this noise and pack around vUV nicely , anyone happy to contribute ?
  4. another attempt : http://www.babylonjs.com/cyos/#1MF6TE#12
  5. Hi there , sorry , that it took me longer but I was busy with other JS project , back to Shaders I used Cell shading http://www.babylonjs.com/cyos/#1MF6TE#7 now need to be more random and artistic , like drawing , different sketch lines as that look bit to mathematical any idea from people that are masters in Shadres please ))) maybe with alpha will be great
  6. only problem with this is that , it will be connected to scene 'scene' , what if I would like to use this texture independent so can use for few scenes in this same time. ?
  7. Hi there , how could I load picture to shaders like pic1 : www.abc.com/pic1.jpg, pic2 : www.abc.com/pic2.jpg, pic3 : www.abc.com/pic3.jpg so then I can use uniform sampler2D pic1; uniform sampler2D pic2; uniform sampler2D pic3; vec3 color1 = texture2D(pic1, vUV).rgb; vec3 color2 = texture2D(pic3, vUV).rgb; vec3 color3 = texture2D(pic3, vUV).rgb;
  8. So is any chance to set some picture as background not just single colour when 3d camera is set - rig > 0 ???
  9. clearColor -> color4( 0,0,0,0.00000001) - make a trick but not with 3d camera !? - is fine with rig = 0 for normal camera why with rig = 10,11,12,13 don't work ?
  10. so anyone know how to make clearColor. with alpha for SetCameraRigMode = 10 ????
  11. is this {"name":"1texture.png","level":1,"hasAlpha":1 not enought ??? directly on scene !??? - or should exporter be updated ? in string is image/png information provided
  12. OK is look like all is fine, string for texture and scene loading from string texture is replace by overwrite BABYLON.TOOLS http://playground.babylonjs.com/#1VOQP6#20 , but 1) why I see picture without transparency - as it is png with alpha as cloud, 2) and why this message about camera !???
  13. I found problem if I want to use BABYLON.SceneLoader.Load and scene is string data:{ ..... works when I want load via BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh("name", "path", "data: { ...} ", bat not with Load as full scene - I am not sure why ??? Anyone any idea ?? I even try file:
  14. http://playground.babylonjs.com/#1VOQP6#6
  15. In the end of the week I will focus on it then I will add here.