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  1. Yep i tried it. Looks like this: First peak looks like sort of bug, but anyway being paid from FGL. Less than a buck per day in average, but it is mostly because gemcrush is kinda boring
  2. relaxx

    Lolly balls

    Why when i get "You Lost" screen - i still receive 2 starts? This is a bit unusual for star reward for completing levels.
  3. aw yeah, previous semicolon is also not required,and 1 byte from 10's replacing <body onkeydown=e=event onload="t=c.getContext('2d');t.T=t.fillText;t.R=t.fillRect;e=a=b=0;w=300;x=h=150,y=l=10,v=1,z=2;A=B=j=20;setInterval('(W=e.which)?A+=(W-39)*2:0;v>0&&x>(Math.random()+.5)*200&&(y<B+l?B-=2:B+=2);x<8&&y>A&&y<A+j||x>290&&y>B&&y<B+j?v=-v:0;y>h||y<0?z=-z:0;x<0?b++:(x>w)?a++:0;x>w||x<0?x=h:0;A<0?A=0:(A>130?A=130:0);x+=v;y+=z;t.clearRect(0,0,w,h);t.R(x,y,4,4);t.R(2,A,6,j);t.R(294,B,6,j);t.T(a,j,l);t.T(b,280,l)',16)"><canvas id=c>Achievement unlocked - 449! Next goal -- 440)) You should offer this game for non-exculsive licensing 1$ per byte - best price evar!
  4. Also you can save additional 3 bytes defining all 20's as variable at start: <body onkeydown=e=event onload="t=c.getContext('2d');t.T=t.fillText;t.R=t.fillRect;e=a=b=0;w=300;x=h=150,y=10,v=1,z=2;A=B=j=20;setInterval('(W=e.which)?A+=(W-39)*2:0;v>0&&x>(Math.random()+.5)*200&&(y<B+10?B-=2:B+=2);x<8&&y>A&&y<A+j||x>290&&y>B&&y<B+j?v=-v:0;y>h||y<0?z=-z:0;x<0?b++:(x>w)?a++:0;x>w||x<0?x=h:0;A<0?A=0:(A>130?A=130:0);x+=v;y+=z;t.clearRect(0,0,w,h);t.R(x,y,4,4);t.R(2,A,6,j);t.R(294,B,6,j);t.T(a,j,10);t.T(b,280,10);',16);"><canvas id=c> 452 Bytes total Initially want to reduce lower than 450 but went out of ideas)) Who can do better?
  5. Nice! Why AI player (at the right side) cannot handle starting ball 5 of 6-7 times? I got score at 5 without doing anything Maybe you should allow AI to move up-down more quickly? FYI - tested on firefox, desktop.
  6. Is Chrome and Firefox dev tools at this moment are the very best/powerful tools to profiling? Also it will be very interesting to hear feadback about using alternate tools, from JavaScript-oriented IDE's. If anyone used profiler in Visual Studio? MS advertising some advanced features is 2013 release (but related to memory profiling, mostly)
  7. Yes, but in this case - profiles tab does not provide call-stack execution timings _per frame_ ADDED: Yay, found that in Chrome there is "Flame Chart" sub-tab also in profiles tab. Look like there is what Im searching.
  8. Unfortunately - without details about which part of code executed in which time. Only abstract "request animation frame", that is all: Am i doing something wrong?
  9. Hi All! Chrome/Firefox dev tools have ability to collect overall performance profile during session. But if we need to profile some random "lags" during gameplay - we need to collect per-frame statistics like Adobe Scout does (for Flash). As far as I found - Firefox have some kind of "samples" in collected profile, and ability to change range of samples, but this samples are not related to real playgame time. Is any tool like Scout available for JavaScript?
  10. Just curious - if anyone have information about word "owning": If any app (which contains word "candy" in its name) was created/published before King's move - should developers also change name for existing app?
  11. Also replaced simple plane to more funny rocket "concept". It will be very interesting to receive some feedback about playing experience on different touch devices from other players. Is controlling is easy and intuitive enough?
  12. Just awesome! Anyway - regarding topic title - "candy in the sky" was only name for tech-demo, not going to real game title. Thanks for this links!
  13. >> What HTML5 game making SDK will give me the most Flash/AS3 like experience Try Haxe. Of course, with Flambe or any other HTML5-friendly haxe-framework.
  14. Hmm, i don't get question about resolution. <screen resolution for game> = <device screen resolution> on which game currently running. For different devices it will be different. Or you talking about possibility to make game in fixed resolution (for example - 640*960) and scaling it depending of actual resolution on every device?
  15. Yes, current code state is "proof-of-work made in a day", so device rotation doesn't handled in any way for now. Thanks for testing!