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  1. I have a great ideas about that game, but it will be hard to implement. I will use canvas for that. It will be text-based RPG.
  2. Hi guys! So I have designed my first game and now I decided to move into next step. Here is my grid: First of all I want to start with making this boxes. Second row will be my navigation bar. I'm really stuck now on making this easiest step. Anything will help. Thanks
  3. Hello guys I'm quite new to html5 game dev and I have build by my own anything but went thought couple of tutorials and order couple of books to learn about it. The question am I able to make with html5/js and to start selling in in google play or apple store? Do i need to use any tools for that?
  4. Hello guys, I'm new to HTML5 game dev and new to this community, but still I want to share my tutorial about Introduction to the Phaser framework. This tutorial is about Pong game. Demo: http://gamedev.antonoffplus.com/games/phaser-pong/ Full tutorial: http://www.antonoffplus.com/coding-an-html5-game-for-30-minutes-or-an-introduction-to-the-phaser-framework/ Any feedback found be great. Thank you in advance.
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