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  1. Lets say player avatar has two animations - walk and attack. Attack animation is animated in idle stance. That means if player attacks while walking - legs stops moving and player just slides. My goal is to separate animations for upper and lower body parts. If player attacks while walking, only upper part of body should play attack animation and legs continue walking. When attack animations ends torso has to make smooth transition back to walk animation. Here's my try: Click on canvas to start attack animation. As you can see it's not really smooth. What changes to code or animations itself I should make?
  2. Yes! Thank you! I love you @gryff! So that was damn IK bones fault. Doing same steps in non empty Blender file does not fix the problem. Blender works in mysterious ways
  3. I bought it from Unity asset store. There was single .fbx file and I imported it to Blender.
  4. I need help exporting Blender scene to Babylon. There's one skinned mesh and every time i try to export I get error: "MageBlue has unapplied transformations. This will never work for a mesh with armature.". But before I try to export I always apply rotation and scale transformations. It looks like it's impossible to export any of bought assets to Babylon. It's like you must to model and animate everything by yourself. And you must follow the rules (which are very fragile) or in the end everything goes wrong.
  5. Gugis

    Character aiming

    Hello guys! I've just start developing new side-scroller shooter game and I've encountered first issue. I need solution for animated character aiming. Characer is animated with multiple spritesheets (one for legs and torso, one for head, and two for arms). My current solution is to set anchor points for arms and head and then rotate sprites by mouse coordinates. Problem for this solution is that when character is running torso is moving up and down resulting moved anchor point. I can set different anchor point for each frame, but that would be impractical and hard to achieve. Especially having lots of different characters. There's current state: (move your mouse to aim, anchor point for arm of first character is updated every frame, so it looks better than second character). And there;s example of what I want to achieve: I was researching tools like Spine, Spriter and etc. But there's no Phaser implementation (or documentation) for manipulating bones by code. Also these tools are not free and I can't afford them at the moment. What would be the best solution for current situation. I will be grateful for any tips. Thank you!
  6. Here's prototype of vehicular combat game I am working on right now:
  7. I remade babylon file from scratch, also tested it on 2.4 version, but nothing changed ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. Thanks gryff. You increased blending value so transition happens faster and it's harder to notice the glitch, but that does not solves the problem :/
  9. Yes I have noticed that too. Also i have to reapply scale for objects over and over again before exporting to .babylon otherwise animations become distorted. Do you think these are related to squeezing problem?
  10. That's because Blender exported animation ranges wrong. Before there was babylon file with fixed animation ranges, but now I have just updated with this file.
  11. I checked skeleton and mesh in blender and it looks fine. Squeezing happens only when blending is happening. It squeezes in when transition starts and squeezes out before transition is ended. If that's not Babylon bug, maybe Blender exporter has something to do with this?