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  1. What's news guys? Does Phaser support normal maps now? I think it's very important. All modern engines and game frameworks support it.
  2. Hi guys. Do somebody resolve this problem? I have the same problem but on ios 9.3 and only on 32x processors. Strange... very strange
  3. i didn't launch your app. Just rate 5 stars. But on screenshots it looks fun)) One question. How do you fix bug with sounds on android 4.4? Media plugin?
  4. Hey guys. Somebody test it on device?
  5. Yeah. We always spend the most time to fix little stupid bugs but it happens to everyone from time to time
  6. It is simple game that requires you to your smartphone, the presence of a finger and a quick reaction. You control a special device which has on board four receivers (green, blue, yellow, red) for the collection of light particles of different range. Using your fingers you rotate the device, and your task is to catch a photon of a color that corresponds to the color one of the sides of device. It's simple you say? Yes. But with the number of points increases the flight speed as well as the intensity of the appearance of photons. So the task is not easy .... Platforms : android, ios Stack : phaser Builder: ionic Plugins : Cordova market, cordova purchase, chartboost Play Market : Add free version Free version Itunes: Screenshots:
  7. My new game. Perfect square clone but with build in classic arcade logic. Sci-fi graphics and music))) Technologies: phaser, ionic(builder) google play - app store - If you like it then please rate my app and leave feedback. Thanks
  8. oh... I've found my stupid mistake. I've written instead;
  9. I tried repeat my image and scroll but something went wrong. it doesn't work bg appear as normal image and I see the picture like this. It just scrolled but not repeated. screenshot : window.onload = function () { var width = 640; var height = 960; var windowRatio = window.innerWidth / window.innerHeight; if (windowRatio < width / height) { height = width / windowRatio; } game = new Phaser.Game(width, height, Phaser.AUTO,""); game.state.add("PlayGame", playGame); game.state.start("PlayGame"); }; playGame.prototype = { render : function () { game.scale.pageAlignHorizontally = true; game.scale.pageAlignVertically = true; game.scale.scaleMode = Phaser.ScaleManager.SHOW_ALL; }, preload: function () { game.stage.disableVisibilityChange = true; game.load.image("base", "base.png"); }, create: function () { = game.add.tileSprite(0,0, game.width, game.height, 'base'); }, update : function(){ } }
  10. you've set sprite anchor to center. and that's why cropped the half SimpleGame.prototype.update = function () { if (this.logo.position.y >= 400-this.logo.height/2) { this.logo.body.velocity.y = -200; } else if (this.logo.position.y <= this.logo.height/2) { this.logo.body.velocity.y = 200; } };About stutters. Everything works fine for me.
  11. I've bought WAVEFORMS PATH EDITOR but I can't to understand how it works. Can somebody give me a piece of working code? Thanks Yes I know I can look at the source code it's no matter. Just want to know how you use it?
  12. illustrator + spriter + texture packer - imho this is the best bundle for game development
  13. san40511

    Pause menu

    I've resolved my problem by means of;with this parameter I don't need pause all game:
  14. san40511

    Pause menu

    Can you give me example. I've tried and it's nor work for me
  15. san40511

    Pause menu

    Hi guys. How I can implement pause menu on Phaser. When I trying to set game.paused = true then everything on the screen became disable. So my question is : How create the button which always enabled even when game was paused.
  16. var self = this; var sprites = [{x:15,y:10,key:"image1"},{x:15,y:10,key:"image2"},{x:15,y:10,key:"image3"}] sprites.forEach(function(el){self.add.sprite(el.x,el.y,el.key)}) or var groupObj =; var self = this; var sprites = [{x:15,y:10,key:"image1"},{x:15,y:10,key:"image2"},{x:15,y:10,key:"image3"}] sprites.forEach(function(el){groupObj.add(self.add.sprite(el.x,el.y,el.key))}) it can help
  17. U can use. body1.blocked.left , body1.blocked.right,body1.blocked.down,body1.blocked.up - it depends from which side you need to check.
  18. try this
  19. Sorry guys it was my stupid mistake right : this.player.add(new AT.Actors.Player(,this._player.x,this._player.y,"player")); - game context not right: this.player.add(new AT.Actors.Player(this,this._player.x,this._player.y,"player")); - scene context I just type wrong context
  20. No. I've tried run code with timeout but it's not help.
  21. new AT.Actors.Player(game,x,y)
  22. thank you but it doesn't help
  23. you need create group and new class extended from Phaser.Sprite class. Or use logic from here - you need just substitute tiled object to yours